Wednesday :: Feb 10, 2010

America: Built for Tanks & Banks

by paradox

Looking back over blogtopia and Party behavior for the 2006 and 2008 cycles I’d reckon one of the greatest mistakes we made was accepting Blue Dogs as candidates and acceptable incumbents, for when it’s come time to deliver for the little people in 2009 and 2010 names like Bayh, Nelson, Baucus and Feinstein have absolutely crushed us, they’ve ruined what was left of the Party brand and obliterated almost all of our great policy hopes. In my neck of the woods defeating the odious and grossly militaristic Dianne Feinstein should have been a screaming priority in 2008, only behind the election of Obama, but it was a nonexistent idea and the little people will pay heavily the next six years for that Party negligence.

Another Blue Dog ripped us as terrible blow yesterday, Nelson of the Senate, when he facilitated the filibuster of a crucial labor NLRB appointment. If in fact a concerted campaign materializes to finally heave manifestly offensive and asshole names like Lieberman and Specter out of the Party that greatly diminishes our majority, so freaking be it, hell yes, anything is better than this rancid expectation the Democratic Party has a majority that can deliver for the country when in fact we do not.

We don’t have the votes or the will as a Party to deliver for unions and labor, which is just an incredible statement. Unions have supported Democrats to the tune of $300 million in the last cycle, engaged in a desperate attempt to fairly organize and keep wages and jobs from being cut, yet they can’t get card check reform passed in the Senate or get a functioning NLRB.

Americans have been absolutely crushed with unemployment and lousy wages, yet 40% of a “stimulus” package that was too small anyway was pissed away on tax cuts. Way to go, Democrats. [No, I’m never forgetting or will not stop reminding the mentally masturbating twerps who foisted that disaster on us all, maybe if public officials were held accountable they wouldn’t screw up so horribly so often.]

Belatedly realizing their mistake while millions of American children cruelly suffered for no reason Stimulus II—uh, I mean a jobs bill, sorry—is now being considered, the House version is so-so while of course the Senate is embarrassing and humiliating the Democratic Party once again, a paltry $65 billion sorry excuse for a bill that will eventually deliver nothing or very little for the little people.

The finance industry and the DOD, now, of course they already got everything they want. God forbid one would try be employed and raise educated children in the United States of America, but if you want blood or a bailout, baby, this is place, built for banks and tanks.

I do think, looking at that absolutely disgraceful national reality above and Party behavior of the last ten years, that if we had been truly focused on electing good liberal Democrats and not accepting of blue dog charlatans the rigorous demands of that focus would have cemented in good liberal ideals and policy results when we finally got the chance to govern.

I remember a huge early campaign at Daily Kos to elect Stephanie Herseth, who turned out to be a nauseating Blue Dog Stephanie Hersethanol. She got elected, all right, and has basically screwed us ever since, we should be focused on getting rid of her, one less vote in the House, oh well.

Personally I’m never giving a dime to any Democrat ever again unless a Blue Dog is getting primaried. If I feel like giving for this cycle it will be for Marcy Winograd, the presence of disgusting Jane Harman—from my own area of the country, no less—is something no Democrat should ever tolerate anywhere.

I could care less how possibly illogical or potentially harmful this stratagem could be for the Party, I’m sick of being humiliated by lousy policy from a Party that damn well should know better. The Great Recession will never end until millions immediately go back to work, yet the United States Senate—with a very big Democratic Party majority—can only kiss the ass of Herbert Hoover with a bill under $100 billion?

So disgraceful, so humiliating. Goldman Sachs bonuses and the Afghanistan war rage on, but the American worker gets shit. We can’t function as a Party or a country like this anymore, somehow we have to get our principles and Party voting behavior straight.

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