Friday :: Feb 12, 2010

Wall Street Bonuses Are Like Baseball Salaries

by paradox

Such was the intellectual, economic and political face splat from the Harvard Law Review American Executive last week, spearing the spirits and electoral hopes of the harried and depressed Democratic Party base even more. Along with everything else that went wrong in another terrible week for the Democratic Party the last thing anyone needed was for the O-bots to freak out over the inevitable charges our new Harvard president is, in fact, just like Bush. See?

I am not an Obama hater, nor am I a wheezing cranky curmudgeon dude, unable to sense happiness or pleasure after enduring endless Democratic Party fuckups of limitless scope and variety over the years. Friday is for a cumulative look at the week in American politics, Sunday for California, and it just so happens (like almost every week) that looking back over the week’s performance yet again shows a pathetic performance by the Democratic Party, Jesus, it’s hard to imagine it getting worse. Believe you me, when things go well and correctly liberal I will be the loyal Democrat singing the praises of our fearless, awesomely competent, brilliantly intelligent leadership as they charge forth in righteous governance for the little people.

Just for the record, before we get to the rest of the debacle, I don’t think the President didn’t sleep the night before or somehow decided acting like George Bush was good politics. I think, in a clumsy and inevitably insulting way to any little person, the President was signaling—you know, an overall message, forget facts, intelligence or specifics, all right?—that the obscene inequality of the monied class, especially those thank bankrolled his campaign and got propped up by taxpayers by bailouts, well, don’t y’all worry. Not one bit, I’m still your man.

Billy Tauzin rankly flowered in the news yesterday, turd blossom all the way, quitting the pharmaceutical lobbying group that brokered a secret healthcare with the White House. [h/t Atrios] The same Billy Tauzin who use to be a Blue Dog, who used to be a turncoat, who then got his own anti-sleaze law named after him, who then got good and screwed in an Obama campaign commercial as a perfect example of what has gone so terribly wrong with our Bush government. Who then got invited to the Obama White House five times to make a secret deal to kiss corporate ass with industrial strength in the Obama healthcare “reform” package. Who then made all the O-bots turn purple because citizens demanding truth and competence in government described Obama as, inevitably, just like Bush.

The less that name is in the news the better for Obama and the Democratic Party. This isn’t the wreck list at the Daily Kos, I won’t forget or ignore it, I still find it hard to believe the White House could be so contemptuous of all the base believes in with that Billy Tauzin move.

The cherry on top for this bubbly political frolic--Jesus being a Democrat is a perfect prescription for heartburn and depression, you know?—was the Max Baucus “jobs” bill introduction in the Senate Thursday. Somehow, any way possible, there has to be a way to shut this guy up or at least kick him out of the Party, he disgraced us all again by jamming the bill with horrible tax cuts. At least Harry Reid had the sense to reject it by the end of the day, but the initial response from the White House made the base desperately look at the clock again, is it too early to start drinking?

Digby says the signature element of the healthcare bill death—if it dies—was the Baucus evolution of slowly knifing the bill over three months in the Senate for nothing but betrayal and regression. Thanks so much, US Senate, for utterly disgracing the Party and country yet again.

For the record, again, the “jobs bill” is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party, a stark mark on the record that when it comes to wars, the Department of Defense and Goldman Sachs the Party comes through, but when it comes time to spend on the little people for a life and a job, well, so sorry, American.

Hey, is 2010 going to be a great election year for Democrats or what? Jane Hamsher asked at Firedoglake. We all have to wait and see, of course, but a few more weeks like this and we all know what the answer will be, much to my anger and dismay.

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