Sunday :: Feb 14, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

To what standards should political reporters be held when discussing global climate change? Lifted from a comment in Climate Progress.

“In times like the present …”: Words from Abraham Lincoln that reporters and the media should carefully consider when deciding how vitally important it is to UNDERSTAND something BEFORE writing about it, and then to write about it CLEARLY and RESPONSIBLY, with respect to the climate change problem

“In times like the present, men should utter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and eternity.”

- Abraham Lincoln, December 1, 1862, message to Congress

Perhaps the question should be, can Dana Milbank or the WaPo get past their well-honed path of agreeing with the anti-science, conservative point of view? Judging their response to the Jeff Masters call, it doesn't seem likely.

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