Monday :: Feb 15, 2010

Pretty Well Dicked

by paradox

One of the most sacred and previously upheld unwritten rules of Presidential politics is that former Presidents, without question and with 100% adherence, always keep their mouths totally shut regarding any element of current administration politics. Both Republicans and Democrats, for easily seen reasons that immensely benefit both Parties and the country, agreed that past Presidents had had their turn, when it was their term they benefited from the chance at a clean start without clucking from the past so now damn well be quiet with the new guy in, that’s way adult Americans walk this planet.

Although George W. Bush is currently dutifully playing by the rules his extraordinary Vice President is decidedly not, appearing on the Sunday talk shows yesterday to goad the administration on and contradict Vice President Joe Biden.1 What the hell is going on here, and why is Dick Cheney so flagrantly violating sacred political conventions of the past?

Two primary factors motivate the odious Dick Cheney, whom Representative Alan Grayson bluntly used the acronym of shut the fuck up to futilely try enforcement of some maturity to the American political environment. Dick Cheney is a felon, a criminal with lakes of blood at his feet and mountains of evidence stacked around him to easily prove it so in five minutes. He knows it, fear of imprisonment with disastrous consequences to the Republican brand is a highly motivating factor in having this monstrous felon constantly appear on the Sunday talk shows.

Like all radicals Cheney is trying to mainstream the previously unthinkable, to legitimize his actions not only visa vi the criminal code but the conventional political one as well. In the murdering, lying mind of Dick Cheney pre-emptive war engaged by the United States is a good precedent and necessary element of the global political environment for America’s future health, he wants the formerly radically criminal notion now normal. He personally gains acceptance for something he normally would have been imprisoned for and sees his personal beliefs entrenched as political norms.

As we all know the Obama administration faced a choice starting their term, prosecute and imprison Bush and Cheney with childish technical ease, crush the Republican Party, restore the rule of law and abandon disastrous Bush militarism like the war in Afghanistan. Or the easier, softer way.

Obama chose to soothe the volcanically erupting Republicans and their toadies in the press corps by abandoning the ethically correct choice of prosecution. Obama decided his Administration had other priorities than taking on the military-industrial complex. Obama judged the regressive little boy politics of swaggering here-is-my-dick militarism2 to be actually useful and beneficial by keeping the Afghanistan “war” ramped up. One can strongly disagree with these choices and I obviously do, but they were legitimate political choices. It’s one thing to blithely and toughly say we’ll take on the American propaganda machine press corps every day just to survive, quite another to go out there and actually do it.

Here we are at any rate, it’s too late now with the start of the term over and a military-political stance administration adopted by the Administration, no way are they going to be inconsistent and suddenly abandon militarism or the Afghan war. I deliberately provoked the Daily Kos community last Friday with barbs of just like Bush regarding various Obama policies, angry that gross banker salary inequality was just fine with Obama, but deliberately left out the classic mirror identities Obama has chosen with Cheney and his puppet on militarism, the Afghan war and civil rights, there was no need to be so callously ruthless with such tender political souls. The fact remains that Cheney’s second motivating factor in fouling our Sundays appears to have succeeded, rampant militarism coupled with State sponsored war and violence is now completely normal, acceptable and mainstream. Obama isn’t just like Bush in these vastly critical elements to the health of the country, he’s a fucking clone.

Cheney appears to be on a mainstream political mission, yes, but fear of an orange jumpsuit surely motivates him just as much, never forget it. President Obama is so totally committed to getting along, fine, but a variety of evolving factors could blast that flimsy mental filament to smithereens in a day and then Cheney is behind bars, he flagrantly broke so many laws in so many areas with so many dead and wounded, he damned well knows prosecution would instantly put him away with multiple life terms.

Hopefully Cheney will judge his mainstreaming mission over soon so the country can stop being inflicted with the television revulsion. Then his labors will finally be complete, American history and politics pretty well dicked.

[1] The Los Angeles Times is not a good newspaper or journalism site, but they do have—by far—the best site navigation of any media outlet on the web, anywhere, what a beautiful rollover with static sub-menus underneath. Click over immediately to the New York Times to see the difference in a disastrous navigation experience.

[2] Sneer at the euphemism all one wants, Presidents actually do think this way. One time Lyndon Johnson became completely exasperated at a gaggle of reporters who refused to accept his bullshit rationales for continuing the Vietnam war. Johnson literally extracted his penis and said “This is why!” [David Halberstam, The Best and the Brightest.]

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