Thursday :: Feb 18, 2010

Look In The Mirror, Mittster

by Deacon Blues

Sure, it was a red-meat speech by a conservative to a CPAC gathering today, but watching Mitt Romney tell the faithful that Obama and the Democrats have failed America in Year One is a little much.

Was it the Democrats who voted "no" en masse on the faulty stimulus bill that Republicans larded with worthless tax cuts? No, it was the GOP, who then took credit for the local spending.

Was it the Democrats who voted "no" en masse on the faulty health care reform bill in each house, after it was watered down by Republicans in committee? No, it was the GOP who killed a bipartisan bill, and even to this day admit they have no interest or answers to deal with the problem of the uninsured.

And was it the Democrats who've brought the Senate to a standstill in 2009 through an outright abuse of the filibuster? No, it was the GOP who have done that.

So I'm eagerly awaiting a strenuous pushback from this White House to place a bright light upon Romney's comments and steer the heat back to the GOP.

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