Friday :: Feb 19, 2010

Take Off, Lucy

by paradox

Bubbling noxiously out of the reeking, stinking environs of the United States Senate this week is a letter, a seemingly honest statement that the public option return to the final version of the healthcare bill. It’s a creepy, erratic mistake, as if this farce of a legislative process decided to go Macy’s Thanksgiving parade at the end--what the hell, we’re obviously dysfunctional schizoid anyway, right?—and pump up this huge looming figure of Lucy from Peanuts in Congress, here she is again, this time in a hulking, smashing towering figure like the Stay Puft man in Ghostbusters.

I’m just incredulous, it’s hard to believe this disaster has boomeranged back to us again, how is possible Lucy is back with that public option football? Lest anyone think I’m being over-dramatic in the matter (me?) let’s go over this shining evolution of public policy formulation briefly, shall we?

80% of the liberal base willing to bust their ass every day so all Americans can live real lives unchained from the hell of healthcare abuse had it rammed down their throats that Single Payer was a silly immature meander of childish imperfection, what the rest of the western world uses we had to give up on while being sneered at as leftist semi-loony dreamers. Not only that, the messaging at Netroots Nation before the election on this outrage was carried forth by a fucking journalist, not exactly a good sign of Party leadership.

Loyal, sincere, empathetic and unbowed our people took up the cause of the Public Option, bitter at getting nothing from the git-go (another lousy sign, but keep that smile plastered on, public advocate) but unabashedly throwing themselves into the cause nonetheless. Through the process of getting the bill passed in the House the Public Option was firmly cemented in place, with President Obama saying it’s absence would “defy logic.” A weakened public option made it through the House version, but still there nonetheless.

The Public Option was all the liberal base had as an accomplishment metric for healthcare, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi where right there with them, and then it all came smashing down. The Senate despoiled themselves, the country and all of us with the biggest turd of a bill in response to a screaming policy issue in the history of the Republic. They call the endless agony healthcare reform but the rest of us call it humiliating, the most pathetic response of a huge Party majority imaginable, the public option abandoned with any other element gone—no matter how tiny—that might offend some of the owners, Aetna’n Blue Cross’n all.

A major part of that backstabbing hurt was the curt abandonment from the President, why, that annoying public option that was part of “squabble” between Democrats and Republicans, just chuck it!

The voters of Massachusetts had a classic understandable response to that fuck me? of a political summer of such rancid betrayal: oh yeah, well fuck you. Now the White House is braying like the biggest liberals ever to live in the Republic how much their stimulus built for us all, and this latest oozing ploy from the Senate about the public option is very likely in the same league of play, a ploy to somehow redeem themselves after belatedly realizing the whole country starkly sees them as bought, obnoxious, stupid clowns for public servants.

The flatfooted, surprised word from the White House was, well, if Harry Reid is for the public option then Barack Obama is. [opens hands helplessly] Why won’t the healthcare nightmare stop? Why? What happened to our reps and the President?

So here we are, Friday February 19th, still with no process in place or strategy to pass healthcare, we all have to freaking wait for the summit to take place. Nothing has essentially changed until this joke proposal of a public option came about this week, some are saying it’s all a total fraud, it’s not even Lucy, just an empty shell of a public option dictated by the insurance companies.

Whatever. I pray with all my heart the Party and President hears Digby from Hullaballoo loud and clear on this: cut it out. Either instantly get behind a real public option with everyone consistently on board or completely drop the matter. There is no margin for error here, none, you’ve done absolutely all that’s possible to abuse your people with this public option game, keep it up and only massive, serious damage will occur. Get Lucy to take off, fast.

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