Saturday :: Feb 20, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Check out Bill Moyers this week where he discusses the impact of money on our judicial branch and what that portends after the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United.

First point: it is amazing to watch Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy decry how badly money had corrupted our system of government in 1999 (when there were still some regulations preventing wholesale bribery) and to realize that in 2010, Anthony Kennedy was the swing vote for handing over our government to the wealthy and corporations. I hope someone makes it a point to show Justice Kennedy this archival footage of his own personal comments about how money is corrupting faith in our system of government so he will see what a dupe he has been of the activist, corporatist (and anti-constitutionalist) judges and so he can figure out what he can do to change the mess he's help make.

Second point: unless we rein in the "special interests" (aka: influence of the corporations and the extremely wealthy), our system of government (aka: our democratic/representative government) is lost.

A government solely dedicated to preserving wealth for the few cannot solve the problems facing the US or the world in the future. And that's a very frightening prospect because the problems we face are much, much bigger than just what's good for General Motors is good for the USA.

This is the "come to Jesus time" for our government. Being on the side of corporations (who are required to look only to their bottom line) means that the future of the world as a value is lost in the noise. Perhaps that is what Judge Kennedy believes now but didn't before: money talks and has a first amendment right, world future? Too bad: not a person, not a citizen, so let the market decide. Nevertheless it might be worth going back to asking him that question precisely.

And it might be worth asking what we can do to rein in the sale of our government to the highest bidder so it is truly capable of responding to the issues that face us now.

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