Sunday :: Feb 21, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

PBS NOW looked at the anger building up in the suburbs this week. What is aggravating is the anger is so real and so justified for so many people, yet Democrats have done so little to help harness that anger into paths that can force change that actually works for people. Instead, too many Americans are being seduced by the radicalism of the right and blaming their economic woes on Obama, the Democrats and the liberals. Until the genuine anger people feel about their communities and their livelihood coming undone is addressed and people know that their economic problems are the result of too little regulation and not too much, that anger will be harnessed by the tea-party and the haters of government to continue the downward spiral.

As Joseph Stiglitz said last year, it is extremely important to know who to blame if you are looking for how fix the problems. Hating government which today the anxious middle class voter "knows" caused their problems and the conservative solution of eviscerating the safety net to rein in government spending is guaranteed to damage our economy and our society even more.

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