Monday :: Feb 22, 2010

Afghanistan is Worth an Offensive, California Isn’t

by paradox

A stupidly sad, tragic political line flared out of the ongoing Afghanistan debacle this last weekend: Obama captures more Taliban leaders in one weekend than Cheney did in eight years. Well bully for you, Afghan insanity proponents, how freaking proud it makes us all, you know?

Unlike the American journalism corps I will not forget this ridiculously termed “surge” in Afghanistan. Three years from now when we are just as ensnared in the insanity, thousands more dead and billions utterly wasted I will be there, oh yes indeed I will, to starkly remind the utterly callous warmongers their “surge” of 2010 didn’t accomplish shit, just as whatever “offensive” they’re conducting then will, another stupid meander of nothing.

Well, it did in fact accomplish what it set out to do, which was to merely continue the “war” in Afghanistan, not win it, no, just keep the billions of dollars flowing and if a few kids get their arms blown off in the process, oh well. We just precisely played out this sickening, criminal tragedy yesterday when the United States apologized for blowing up 31 Afghanistan civilians by mistake in the “surge.”

Whoops. Sorry about the one life on the planet you’ll ever be given, we just took it by mistake in a criminal enterprise we’ll never be able to win. Look, it makes perfect sense when you look at the payoff trail of un-audited un-checked ever-flowing river of billions of dollars, fuck life and democracy and our reputation, a payoff is a payoff, that’s our America.

Paul Krugman, writing of the currency crisis that recently engulfed Greece, noted that at least in the United States a State had the umbrella protection of the federal government that could provide life-saving measures in many ways (spending, regulatory authority) that the European Union could not. There was a half-assed idea called a “stimulus” in 2009 that was riddled with useless tax cuts1 which was then further watered down so States couldn’t get direct aid. It would have been total Greece in USA 2009 for everyone except the real stimulus spending had an indirect aid to the states where it happens to be spent in whatever DC formulation of priority they came up with this time.

It’s welcome and not un-noticed, but pathetically short of what’s needed.

California desperately needs to physically rebuild its K-12 school system. Every major city needs light rail and trolley investment. There isn’t even a viable train system in this huge place, let alone a high-speed one. Our energy grid is hopelessly carbon-based. 80% of the buildings need weatherization. Our water system needs another $20 billion. We need to set up a $30 billion clinic system for healthcare since the Feds blew it on reform, we just can’t have 20 million humans with zero access to care, think 30 seconds why.

Most of all we need $60 billion to tide us over until we fix our revenue streams. We can do it with that huge carrot just waiting for us out there, but it has to be offered.

We look at all this and then spend the weekend listening to awful, pathetic bombastic news blasts of Afghanistan shit, another Taliban leader captured, oh yeah, American, care to actually define what “Taliban” is? Care to precisely define what this “surge” will accomplish? When? For whom?

I see. Many, many years from now the answers will be the same, and California will be as desperately hurting as it ever was, a little EU model of neglected economic abuse, only this time in the American federal system, not European.

There has been some whining from the Obama Administration that if they started giving money to the States, why, all of them would start demanding it! We could never afford that, obviously.

What horseshit. We afford tax cuts and a horrendous $650 billion defense budget, we could turn the United States into an Eden, but we choose to endlessly kill in Afghanistan. It’s insanity but somehow those DC people hoodwinked the country that this is perfectly normal and the way things should be.

I had very much hoped that the reality of all this killing misery in terrible times—by a government that can’t even function for its own god damn people!—would have made Obama abandon the war once he became president. It was such a vain, foolish hope, California desperately needs help but just watches all the money and resources go to Afghanistan.

[1] No, I have not forgotten, nor will I ever forget one of the stupidest, most damaging political tactics I have ever seen.

Tax cuts totally failed in their stated objective, they didn’t deliver one Republican vote in that nauseating infuriating stupid quest for bipartisanship. They sullied the Democratic brand horribly, how are people supposed to differentiate us opposed to those fiscal idiots, the Republicans? Little people Americans aren’t stupid, they remember the tax cuts and then wonder why all of a sudden the President is so concerned about debt? Why did you cut taxes, Harvard, to raise revenue?

I truly regret keeping my mouth shut on the war and tax cuts in the name of Party unity. What the fuck should we work our asses off to elect Democrats if they in fact act just like moderate Republicans?

No, I won’t forget. What a total freaking disaster, over my dead body to we ever allow ourselves to be so stupid politically as a Party again. Nothing appeases Republicans, nothing.

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