Thursday :: Feb 25, 2010

No Journalism Corps for Mandates

by paradox

Reading Steve Benen and his extremely pertinent reminder of “just how effective the right-wing noise machine can be” it’s time to bring my opposition to this version of healthcare out of the footnotes.

Were it not for mandates in the bill (mandates Obama opposed in the campaign) I would be coolly approving and languidly calling my reps to do their god damn jobs and pass the bill, but the idea of forcing Americans to buy insurance if they don’t have it and then enforcing the authoritarianism through the IRS stops me cold. I’m actually ambivalent on the policy (Krugman approves), but we don’t have the journalism corps or political talent to pull this off in the American environment, not even close.

Back up a bit to last year when Obama released his first budget and his ludicrous Department of Defense allocations. Tragically wasteful killing machines like the F-22 we finally eliminated (resulting in a sad, distasteful boasting from the Obama people what astute Defense analysts they were, Jesus Christ) but the rate of military spending went up, simply an unbelievable fiscal and political act in the face of so many Americans hurting so badly and eight years of Republican insane fiscal stewardship.1

After constituent bleating from killed programs, however, the US “journalism” corps stupidly, incredibly, began parroting the completely false line that Obama was cutting military spending. It was the most basic of facts that Obama was not, all it took was 120 seconds of research to discover and publish the truth, but the US journalism corps couldn’t do it. That’s how bad they are, just plain atrociously terrible, it’s surprising our journalists can get dressed in the morning.

What precisely is the “right-wing noise machine” that Benen refers to? Hardly a decibel producer at all, he means vastly powerful and influential media outlets like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and all the radio toadies, plus hordes of print outlets with their journalists solely committed to taking down liberals and Democrats while excusing the Republicans of anything.

Furthermore, the remaining media players not outright conservative in their goals are worked and hopelessly bent to their corporate masters. It’s in their interest to let the falsehood Obama the fruitcake liberal is cutting defense spending, America is supposed to be run by big dick killers (Barack sure learned well for Afghanistan, eh?), impervious to life and law, so they let the slur slide out there for as long as possible. They’re bent enough to get their own popular acronym (IOKIYAR), while giving the ranting Pluto-range of political insanity the Teabaggers engage in a complete free pass.

So Fox, radio and half of print rant on in their ludicrous propaganda while the rest of bent, bought American media just stupidly sits there, mindful only to their corporate bosses. Journalism? Please.

Now imagine throwing into this political funhouse the amazing act of forcing Americans to buy something in vastly important political goal, especially from a hideous hated industry, insurance. Whatever sick, stupid interpretation the right-wing noise machine of this is going to be, well, rest assured it will be as poisonous and dangerous to the Democratic Party as possible, and our lousy inept journalism corps is going to carry their water and propaganda as long as gleefully necessary.

When the Republicans decided going rudely berserk at town hall meetings last summer with endless chants of death panels! what was the response? No rebuttal from the media, just amplification, while any kind of cogent, consistent talking points from Democrats were fucking nowhere, not in the Executive, not in Congress, just nothing.

With political talent like that in a hopelessly bought and lousy media environment I’m supposed to support health care with mandates and whip my reps for it? No. I’m truly sorry, I can’t be dishonest with myself to that level for the Party, I just can’t. Maybe I could have taken a few for the team and belatedly gotten behind it if the little people were given a robust public option in all of this, but they weren’t.

[1] This little fiduciary jaunt to the insane asylum was preceded by another cute little Obama Axelrod Rahm genius trick, incredible tax cuts in the stimulus bill.

They further eroded our wrecked finances, if that were possible. They horrendously stole in resources what should have been devoted 100% to the little people and their jobs with loud laser intensity. They unforgivably sullied the Democratic brand with Republican stupidity and confused voters about who Democrats really are.

No, I have not forgotten. I will not forget. It’s just unbelievable sometimes, the cocky arrogance of Obama supporters, they act as if stating the truth was some scandalous shunning-worthy atrocity if it just so happens to shed a bad light on our mediocre Executive leadership.

Hello? After stimulus tax cuts I’m surprised I ever take these clowns seriously again, they’re so obtuse and clueless. You seriously want me to take these folks seriously after that face splat? Wow. Okay.

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