Friday :: Feb 26, 2010

The Goalposts of Misery Keep Moving

by paradox

Not long ago a sustained unemployment rate of 8% would have been deemed horrifying and unacceptable, and one can be dammed sure that if a Republican president tried to sustain it as part of normal reality the liberal netroots would be constantly up in arms about it, official logos made for the opposition groups that would spring up winking on websites everywhere. Yet with this Democratic President Obama here we are at a steady 10%, oh well, liberal, suck on it, we’ve got a Republican worried about inflation to get appointed to the Fed.1

With leadership like this one imagines a 15% rate before Democratic President Obama would eventually decide a crisis really had arrived for the little people, why, maybe $600 billion annually for Defense and a war in Afghanistan could be a bad idea in times like these. Ya think? The saintly Atrios thinks the unemployment metric is useless, it means nothing to these people, and he’s certainly got a point, everyone knows the best way to make an American administration skip those $4,000 a night Hawaii vacations to get the job done is to have a stock market crash. Or a big bank failure.

Something truly rare happened yesterday in that odious elevation of Republicans who should have been shelved in the morgue long ago like the political corpses they are, Representative Louise Slaughter told the story of a little person too poor to afford dentures, she had to wear her dead sister’s. It’s not often the little people are brought to the table directly in these “discussions.”

Naturally the authoritarian repressive bullies among us sneered at the “sob story” of the day, while a non-existent American journalism corps did not report that denial of care—dental, medical, vision, anything—never happens in the United Kingdom, every political party out of total survival always making sure one the best healthcare systems in the world is sustained in the vision of its liberal hippie pothead founder, Winston Churchill. Life is a little different, yes, when folks have different goalposts of acceptance for misery.

One of the motivating factors of keeping me banging away at national politics five times a week is the completely alarming realization that American acceptance levels of abuse and denial of the most basic elements of living for her little people keep getting moved back for the worse. Core elements of the Patriot Act were extended yesterday (h/t Turkana), Glenzilla up in arms half the time that Obama is often doing Bush one better in civil rights.

Since when did that become ho-hum okay? The Democratic base spent eight years fighting to stop this, yet the goalposts moved anyway.

As noted many times before, Peace is one lost sister in this country. Was a time when overseas insanity for impossible goals while Americans were hurting was a hated idea that had significant moral elements to the outrage, but the goalposts have moved so far here, hell, they look like toothpicks. The atheists are sleeping better, anyway, all that church-going and pastor-slapping bounced completely off President Obama, at least when it comes to American foreign policy Christianity is nowhere to be found .2

The Obama people projected 7.5 to 8.5% in their weak stimulus and got over 10%. Oh well, being wrong about the lives of little people and their children is no reason to try and fix it. There truly are people out there, yes indeed, who will act simply because they were wrong in their professional projections and professionals always fix their mistakes. The goalposts for Executive errors are to be permanently stuck in the lowly Bush era, it seems, screw the little people with errors while standing there indifferently, ‘cause shit happens, liberal, just because we’re responsible doesn’t mean jack.

I’ve been trying as hard as I can to warn folks we have a dangerous delusional idiot in the last year of his term as Governor here in California, he’s backed up by Republican fanatics able to completely jimmy the political process to a standstill. That means up to 30,000 teachers could get axed this year, it could crush California confidence and wreck a decade of education investment (plus the little fact of 30,000 lives blown up in unemployment hell). California is the 8th largest economy in the world, for Christ’s sake, Obama administration, don’t let this fucking Hoover Lives monster do this to us, if we go down the US isn’t going anywhere.

Please don’t move the goalposts to where 30,000 California teaching jobs get blown to the wind. Digby calls it “playing with fire.” I call it electoral losing.

[1] An excellent way to alienate passionate liberals who would otherwise be very valuable political allies is to appoint Republicans, Party of Killing Lying Failure, to critical federal policy positions such as SecDef and the Fed.

I voted for Change®, so did the country, the freaking candidate promised it endlessly! Just try to imagine for a millisecond what would happen if a Republican president attempted this. Why then should the Democratic base be expected to put up with it? Wait a sec, I’ll get to this abusive answer right after Joe Lieberman rams some new vengeance of the week up my ass, hold on.

[2] The last widely perceived real Christian President was Jimmy Carter, and we all know how that worked out electorally.

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