Wednesday :: Mar 3, 2010

Pushed Around by Bipartisanship

by paradox

My sincerest apologies for getting confused in the footnotes yesterday about the Pennsylvania Specter senator race, his opponent is the honorable Mr. Sestak, not the pipsqueak squirrel blue dog Stupak and his abhorrent abortion amendment to the healthcare nightmare. Sorry, I lose track of how many times DC Democrats punch a hippie in the quest for good politics and tried to put it behind me without nailing it down correctly in my memory.

Pass the bill! has been the incessant cant from Obama supporters, something had to be passed so even in the House healthcare version we got an abortion amendment that enraged our feminist sisters, rightly so. The arrogance and snottiness to the demands constituents accept whatever horrible horseshit gets slapped across their faces in this healthcare legislation nightmare never ceases to amaze me, only in a totally rigid two-party system that gives liberals and feminists nowhere else to go would this outrageous level of abuse occur. Pass the bill!, no matter how terribly constricted into horseshit it’s become from endless compromises (with ourselves!). Grow up, what in life can be perfect, no matter how shameful or degrading the tactics are to our people.

Very fortunate indeed, Obama Administration, that so many of our best ardent people have nowhere else to go, or y’all wouldn’t last five minutes in the next two federal elections after the politics of the last 16 months.

Joshua Micah Marshall, surely in President Obama’s corner, so to speak, railed yesterday afternoon yet again about a Democratic Party “clusterfail,” this time the typically disgusting Republican Bunning screwing the little people by obstructing unemployment benefits, yet this classically stark political reality was being completely obstructed in the bent US propaganda corps, which was reporting the outrage as merely “dysfunctional Senate politics.” The god damn Democratic Party leaders in Executive and Congress were freaking 404 the whole god damn day, not one word from our people made it into the news cycle, so our people and our Party were pushed around and shit upon by some septuagenarian crank who can barely find his dick in the morning.

This, by the way, is a precise replay of last summer’s clusterfuck when teabaggers ranted their stupid “death panel” talking points into the politics of healthcare while Obama and Congress just stood there mute as statues for months, no Democratic Party response at all.

Way to go. Our people are humiliated and horribly discouraged we could not beat that Sarah Palin clone George Bush, but we do not give up. We write and give and walk the precincts, anything to save the country, even as we’ve just horribly lost. We crush the Republicans in the midterms, hardly anything changes, but surely a Democratic Executive could bring the country back.

More endless writing and donating and debating and volunteering of all kinds to deliver the White House to Obama, and what does the promised land of Executive and Congress finally deliver to the millions of little people who busted their ass so hard for change? No single payer, no public option, death panels, no climate change, no jobs bill, the reeking healthcare bill rammed down our throats slapped with an outrage like the Stupak amendment, Josh Marshall passing along the weekly clusterfuck to keep morale up.

I could not script a more perfect scenario for enraging and totally discouraging core political supporters. The Republican Party was totally written off for dead just a year ago, there was a supine elephant with x’s for eyes on the cover of Time magazine! Now they’re roaring back in just half a year, taking a Senate seat in Massachusetts, of all places. Winning was supposed to be fun.

Republicans are vicious, lowbrow authoritarians, approaching them in a stance of bipartisanship only displays weakness to them that they will horribly exploit.

Our bought corporate media will carry their water for them, why does one think a stupid moron like Bunning can get away with his outrageous behavior? Because we have a bought media that endlessly puts John McCain on the atrociously bad Sunday political talk shows, firstly, this twofer de-legitimizes the election results while enraging liberals. Add an Executive constantly bending over to get along with Republicans and here were are in clusterfuck city, Republican morons on the prowl to push little people around because there is no price for it.

Proclaim this grand plan to finally get Congress moving on healthcare, keep those ridiculous Republicans elements if you must. Pass the nightmare called healthcare as quickly as possible, not one Republican with us, surprise surprise. Organize the best talking points possible for the election and pray the base still comes through, even as they watch the Republicans push us around week after week.

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