Friday :: Mar 5, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Tonight we have a Double Wanker Award for Rep Bart Stupak.

So what does Stupak want to do? (h/t Digby):

[He believes that] every government benefit a woman receives, whether monetary or in-kind, whether for healthcare or for something else, could be seen as subsidizing an abortion if she has one.

If everyone thought like Bart Stupak, a woman seeking an abortion:

(1) would not be able to take a public bus or commuter train to an abortion clinic, even if she paid her own fare;

(2) would not be able to drive on public roads to a clinic, even if she drove her own car and paid for her own gas;


So just who is this guy?

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Thank you, Rachel, for giving the guy some much needed exposure. He is a true whackjob and well outside the mainstream.

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