Monday :: Mar 8, 2010

Well That Was Ugly

by paradox

Extremely weary of being negative and critical—let alone being accused of disloyalty and wanting Obama to fail—I took four days off from writing about federal politics, for surely a long weekend of rest would restore some optimism and faith in Party and Administration. This is not working out at all, fellow Democrats, we better get ready for some nightmarish scenarios.

The President of the United States, leader of the free world and the Democratic Party, is not supposed to ever earn the moniker Wanker of the Day, for Christ’s sake, George Bush and Sarah Palin are in that league! Yet here we are with that monstrous trial balloon—if that’s what it was---of last Friday where the idea of withdrawing from the rule of law and real trials for terrorists was leaked. There’s so much wrong with this and the instant cascade on roaring criticism from everywhere was really very hard. I’ve worked my ass off for eight years for Democrats and I didn’t deserve to be degraded and humiliated for it, why does this have to happen? What did the country and the little people do to be abused so? Really, I want to know.

So much for my break. Then Glenzilla got into a fight with John Cole over at Balloon Juice over a disgusting filthy episode of DC propaganda politics, the nauseating series of Rahm idolization “stories” from the Washington Post. Anonymous sources, ridiculous bullshit spin, endless completely useless speculation on who was behind it and why. What good happy American times.

This follows a lovely Saturday night with the ultimate possible horror show from Hullabaloo: incredibly suckered, the Obama folks buy the line they tried to govern from the Left (!) and to prove their bona fides of Real American governance they go after social security.

That’s it. After eight years of work and many hefty donations to the liberal cause I was never supposed to read that sentence the entire time a Democrat was in office, the scenario is so outrageous, so fusion nuclear offensive the mere thought of it never should have happened. I could not believe the Marty Rubin insanity of cutting Social Security last year reported by Firedoglake, but this appears to be totally credible and serious.

I get mail sometimes Obama is a Republican plant, a Trojan horse Democrat, seriously, folks are sure—or at least like throwing the accusation about—that Barack Obama is essentially an imposter 24 x 7. I just can’t believe this could ever happen to me or my Party, that Social Security could get raided and all those seemingly insane Obama Trojan horse hosers were right. Why can’t this nightmare stop, why not? How could this be, we have big majorities in Congress. Right?

Where is healthcare this week? Does anyone know? We already know the jobs bill is another horrible insult to the little people, they’re going to get flipped off again with no financial consumer protection agency, ‘n by the way, any progress on climate change?

Where is healthcare again? Today is the 8th, that means 3 weeks until the Easter break, maybe 4 if they stay over. By all that is holy, healthcare must be freaking passed in the next 3 weeks or the wheels on this funhouse are going to come completely off. Everyone dies, political suicide, such have been the dire warnings, but this time there really is no time left, somehow the Administration has to pass this bill, but as Frank Rich showed Sunday they cannot hit a deadline, not one. Reality deadlines are about to lock in, they can’t be talked, waited or rationalized away, and we’re going to get the shit beat out of us in November.

I’m not going to chronicle that stupid, screamingly unnecessary scenario of horrible wrenching pain every day. My health is for shit and I don’t deserve it. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I truly wanted to write an essay five times a week for a year as a personal goal for lots of reasons, but I won’t do it for the unending pain and abuse of seeing the Party and country go down.

All for no reason, we won in 2008, remember? As far as I can tell—and the empirical behavior backs this up in a million ways—the Obama people never believed it. If they do they certainly don’t want to be Democrats now that we really have the chance to govern.

So easy to be so much better than this. My base bafflement knows no bounds.

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