Tuesday :: Mar 9, 2010

2012 Looks Very Good for Obama

by paradox

One of the most notable observations for American politics in the next three year window is how little opposition Barack Obama will face for President in 2012. Of course there will be a Republican candidate but this hapless soul will have less a chance than Bob Dole did against Clinton, the same Clinton who had been savaged by Republicans and the press for four years and losing the 1992 midterms.

All that furious Gingrich Republican momentum fell flat on its face at the massively daunting prospect of coming up with a singular candidate who could take on Bill Clinton, just as the Republicans will find for 2012 when they have to take on Barack Obama, whether they have some political “momentum” generally or not. If they do it will all come about from rabid obstructionism, not exactly a contribution to the country where voters expect optimism and accomplishment from their presidential candidates. In the face of deficits and massively needed spending, what is the Republican prescription for a great America? Cutting taxes. Someone like Mitt Romney doesn’t have a hope in hell against Barack Obama in that big blue plane with a pathetic, incoherent political platform like that.

Why then the endless genuflecting to Republican ideas and proposals? Why disregard your own base? Why in the freaking hell does one give them cabinet positions as critical as the DOD and control of the Fed? There’s nothing to fear from Republicans in any sense, they have nothing.

Well, they have the press, yes, led by that incredibly noxious propaganda shop Washington Post. Still, as the most excellent Athenae at First Draft recently pointed out, CNN is nothing to be afraid of, those chumps have nothing on the mean viciousness of early 20th century journalism. They are problematic and must be managed, yes, but the overall obvious stance of fear and great caution toward idiots like Lou Dobbs and Bill O’Reilly is ridiculous. Let them sputter and bloviate 24 x 7, only DC gives a shit.

Firedoglake had an amusing reader survey earlier this year, I took it to see what it was like, and one of their possible responses to a question about Obama failures (the first one, the response they obviously wanted) was “weak leadership.” What in the hell does that mean, “weak?” The great Harvard law student, the brilliant campaigner against Clinton and McCain, all of a sudden this individual is seized by a massive cautionary weakness of character?

If the Republican Party had been written off for dead (as it had been many times in 2008), if they have nothing but completely ludicrous tax cuts as a political ideology moving forward, if they have nobody to run with against a hugely gifted handsome President, well, how in the hell could a brilliant candidate become “weak?” Why on earth continually espouse a strategy of punching the hippies, of deliberately insulting and enraging core liberal groups in some stupid strategy of projecting distance from liberal ideals? What for?

I don’t know. It makes no sense politically, the Republicans will passionately loathe Obama more than ever no matter what he does and such tactics massively discourage the Democratic base. If Democrats get smashed up in the midterms by low turnout they can look squarely at Obama for it, it sure as hell wasn’t the inept Republicans who got the Democratic Party down.

John Cole of Balloon Juice has noted, as have I, that in the last 2-3 weeks Obama and the administration have become much more liberally aggressive, loudly touting stimulus job creation (Barrack, you little FDR cutie, you) and going after the insurance companies as the proper filthy villains they are as part of our American healthcare nightmare.

Even the most beginning political observer immediately knows that this should have been the political healthcare strategy from Day One, not some ludicrous meander of cutting costs, folks need human elements to their stories and politics, of course. In any case the Obama people, after a year of political failure, have finally started to learn political opponents are fought against, not appeased, that is the only path to success in American politics, or politics anywhere, of course.

If Obama starts going after Republicans as he’s pursuing to the insurance companies now one can definitely know the lesson has been completely learned, although it seems unlikely Obama will give up his dream of lofty bipartisan overlord, somehow above the human political fray. Heh. We shall see what happens as the year progresses.

(Thank you Ben Pershing, Washington Post, for the Carl Cannon link.)

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