Wednesday :: Mar 10, 2010

Cry Me A River, John-Boy

by Deacon Blues

So SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts, he who lied at his confirmation hearing about his views on previous court rulings, is now mouthing off about Obama's SOTU slap at the Citizens United travesty. It seems that Johnnie Boy is a little sensitive to being called out as a corporate whore masquerading as a judge.

F*ck him and the fascist horses that he and the other four rode in on. It's long past time for Democrats to call out the right wing judiciary for trying to undermine personal rights and elevate Corporate America to supremacy in this alleged democracy. I'm just mad that it took a ruinous court decision for Democrats to finally run against a right-wing judiciary, yet they need to hammer this each and every day as an example of what happens when Main Street lets the GOP take over the courts and deliver the country into the greedy embrace of Wall Street.

The GOP is well-versed in misdirection politics, whereby they distract voters from GOP weaknesses and instead gin up issues that harm their opponents. Rove made his bones this way for years. Democrats need to do the same for the 2010 election, and get voters to focus on the Citizens United case, and build upon the large public opinion against this decision.

Update: The right wing pushback has begun, with both Orrin Hatch and Jeff Sessions complaining that it was wrong for Obama to confront The Five Hacks with their decision to their faces, because they are a separate branch of government (and the Congress isn't also?), and because Obama is wrong on what The Five Hacks ruled. First off, presidents have routinely used SOTU's to score political points against the congressional branch of government, but with the SCOTUS since Bush v. Gore now also an openly partisan branch, it also merits political jabbing. Secondly, it's fine for Hatch and Sessions (a whack job who flamed out as a federal court nominee himself) to claim that Obama's interpretation of Citizens United is wrong, just as much as it's OK for me to claim that Hatch and Sessions are right wing hacks who are also wrong in their analysis.

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