Monday :: Mar 15, 2010

Onward Healthcare Soldiers

by paradox

I have been ill again, I’m afraid, and to say I’m discouraged in the matter on this cold late winter morning wouldn’t come remotely close to the utter despair I feel. I have a few things I feel are absolutely necessary to say and then I’m going to resist crawling into a deep dark hole for the rest of the day.

This is the week—in however these things get decided—when healthcare legislation at last reaches the holy nirvana zone of accomplished, passed, the law. Best of luck to my earnest Democratic brothers and sisters in baking in the best of tiny details as the deed is finally done, truly, I think it’s been the worst fucking political nightmare outside of election evolutions I’ve ever experienced but, it’s just me, of course, please celebrate a victory richly earned.

“…the HCR bill, which has gone fine (better than I thought it would) but not great.” Well hell, dude, please send me a case of the quaaludes you’re taking from the Zepton political universe you’re living in, I thought Joe Lieberman bending the country over to take out the Medicare buy-in to be one of the most humiliating Democratic Party experiences of my life, just one of twenty or so in the unending nightmare of it all. Hardly anything went right in this shameful non-fight of a bill, whatever the final details to blithely toss tons of bullshit to the winds in ludicrous flaming fantasy by saying it went “fine,” well, no, that isn’t my perception of how the Democratic Party should function day-to-day.

Martin Longman of Booman Tribune, the YouTube of the FinnMan was a big-time highlight of the week. May his country be eternally ruled by environmentalist grow local union Democrats.

Citizen Iain of Shakesville, I can’t tell you how deeply glad I am for you from such a profoundly beautiful post, certainly one of the top 20 I have ever read in a 8 year meander of reading blogs. Good luck, we are so honored to have you among us, I like your love story, man, many times it keeps my faith and hopes up.

Please have a great week, everyone, there are things I must grimly attend to.

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