Saturday :: Mar 20, 2010

Health Insurance Reform

by Mary

Today, there is a lot of anger, fear and confusion in the air around the reform bill in Congress. The Republican Party and the right are fighting this bill with everything they have. And they threaten to run on repealing it in November. Some of the more crazy are declaring that if it passes, they will be forced to start a civil war.

Yet, when the rhetoric becomes so intense, it is good to realize that this type of frenzied opposition has been seen before. Once the system is actually working, even the most ardent of the opposition are inclined to stop fearing the change and even embrace it for the value it brings to their lives.

Frontline had a program a few years ago about how universal health care coverage worked in other countries. Of particular interest today is what happened in Switzerland when they voted to extend coverage to all in a system with an extremely narrow majority. The opposition was virulent as is ours today. Yet ten years later, the Conservative who led the charge against the change admits that he is proud of the change now and believes that universal coverage is something that any truly civilized society must have.

Here's the segment where he makes that point:

This is our chance to make the first real steps to reform that will make the lives of millions better and move us off of relying on a broken system that is failing us in every way. We must not let this opportunity pass us by.

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