Tuesday :: Mar 23, 2010

A Few Special Thank Yous

by CA Pol Junkie

Before President Obama signed health insurance reform into law this morning, he said it was improbable to have reached that point after so many others couldn't. Indeed, the ugly sausage making process that unfolded couldn't have happened without the tireless efforts of Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, and many other leaders in Congress and the White House. There were many who have worked tirelessly in the past without success who blazed the trail like Bill and Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy. Then there were many regular citizens like Marcelas Owens and Natoma Canfield who gave health insurance reform a human face.

There are alot of unsung heroes behind the passage of health care reform who helped us get the bill through the House and Senate:

First the people who gave their blood, sweat, and tears:

Everyone who believed in Barack Obama If cynicism had prevailed, Yes We Can could never have become Yes We Did either in the election or in the health insurance reform fight.

Everyone who called their senator and representative The easy thing to do was nothing, but letting them know the importance of this issue was vital to making them act.

Everyone who got out the vote for Senator Al Franken We were 312 votes from having 6 more years of Norm Coleman representing the people of Minnesota instead of the thoughtful and empathetic senator they have now.

We can also thank some for their unwitting help:

Pat Toomey His strong challenge in the Pennsylvania Republican primary for Senate successfully cast Arlen Specter into the waiting arms of the Democrats, where he became our 60th vote.

Senator Scott Brown The improbable win by Scott Brown in Massachusetts was supposed to be the death of health insurance reform, but it ended up breathing in new life. As we hear that Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska is now against the reconciliation fix, we can be thankful that we did not have to try to get his 60th vote again after running the bill through a conference committee. Fate forced the Democrats into the path leading to passage of the bill.

The Tea Party The vile antics of ignorant protesters helped unify the Democrats. Love and kisses to all you guys - we couldn't have done it without you!

Tomorrow we will start work on improving upon the Damn Bill, but today we can celebrate. Millions of people working together made this happen and it will make America a much stronger country.

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