Wednesday :: Mar 24, 2010

It Was Never About Abortion to GOP

by Deacon Blues

Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker is calling Bart Stupak a backstabber because he cut a deal with the White House and didn't blow up health care reform over the issue of abortion. As Steve said over the weekend, Stupak was seeking a commitment that health care reform would not be a back door way around the Hyde Amendment, which has been the law of the land since 1977. He was not opposed to health care reform itself. Therefore, knowing that adding a reaffirmation of the Hyde Amendment restrictions to the health care bill would have derailed it, he accepted an Executive Order from Obama, who has since issued one.

Steve said at the time that it was a little disingenuous for progressives to get riled up at Stupak for wanting Hyde to still apply, unless of course progressives really wanted reform to be a back door around Hyde all along. Similarly, Parker and her ilk among conservatives are also to be assailed for showing their true colors here: Stupak was only useful to them as long as he was willing to blow up health care reform over the issue of abortion. When he demonstrated that he wasn’t seeking to do so and only wanted a reaffirmation that Hyde would still apply, Parker and the others smear him.

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