Wednesday :: Mar 24, 2010

Reconciliation Moves

by Deacon Blues

As debate continues in the Senate on the health care reconciliation bill passed by the House, the one that would remove the bribes Ben Nelson (the “Cornhusker Kickback”) and Mark Landrieu (the “Louisiana Purchase”) sought to get their votes, the Senate Democratic leadership is moving to cut off debate and move straight to votes on the amendments themselves. Interestingly, Nelson won’t vote for the reconciliation bill, perhaps because his bribe is being removed, but it turns out that Joe Lieberman has come aboard and will now vote for the reconciliation bill.

As expected, the GOP has introduced scores of amendments to the bill, in an attempt to poison-pill the passage of the bill. Democrats for their part may now be thinking of their own amendment in response should the GOP try and derail the reconciliation: a reintroduction of the public option. Remember that according to the most recent Gallup poll, over half those polled say the bill is only a down payment and doesn’t go far enough.

And if you were looking for proof that elements of the tea party are nothing political, but rather unstable racist thugs, I give you the racial slurs and spitting upon John Lewis over the weekend, and this.

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