Thursday :: Mar 25, 2010

Adios, The Fence

by paradox

Via Cab Drollery, via Eschaton comes the extremely happy if week-old news that the stupid, odious, grossly regressive objective of completely fencing the US-Mexico border has been “frozen” by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, meaning another Bushian exercise in doing precisely the wrong thing has been scrapped.

Different societal elements provoke citizens differently, of course, personally every time I thought of the idea I was highly offended and mortified with shame. Racism is irrelevant in America? Uh-huh. The entire monstrosity of fencing the border has a bedrock of overt sick racism, as if the citizens of Mexico were some sub-human vermin to be kept out of a “real” country, and again, I offer my sincerest apologies to the citizens of Mexico for this terrible implementation of vast stupid racism.

The bill on taxpayer dough for this? At least 2 billion dollars tossed to the winds for nothing but moving backwards as a people.

The reliance on technology to solve the alleged issue of human beings crossing the border to work is noteworthy in its laughable failure. Completely predictable failure, technology is useful for achieving useful human ends but 100% guaranteed to fail when attempting to modify core human behavior like attempting work and a life. If the technology had worked—any cursory analysis showed that it never would—any Mexican would have taken five minutes of thought on how to fool it or neutralize it, Republican racists like Bush assume Mexicans aren’t human but the reality is quite different, much to the benefit of us all.

The signals on passing reform this year to help alleviate the base causes of why the fence was built look dim, an election year simply isn’t a good time to expect Congress to handle this competently. A lot of politicians are going to try and exploit it, of course, but at least we can expect that with Obama in office we won’t go completely backwards on immigration again. 200,000 immigrants recently marched on DC, but our awful journalism corps ignored it.

What an infernal mess—anything Bush touched went to hell with billion dollar bills and many years to potentially fix. The fence is a terrible, terrible thing, yes, and immigration is a vitally pressing issue, but it will be at least five years before the American political agenda can credibly take this on, too much has gone wrong to expect progress on everything.

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