Tuesday :: Mar 30, 2010


by paradox

I am kinda upset with sadness this morning, actually not kinda at all, obviously, so I am going to tick off some small items that have been on my list worthy of brief attention and then be on my way.

/* If I said the week before Afghanistan had been forgotten President Obama made sure it didn’t stay that way with his weekend visit, and although it doesn’t change my position on the war one iota at least President Obama displayed the leadership in exhorting the troops and Americans to stay with the mission.

I don’t believe fighting terrorism by American armed occupation is worth the life of one American service person, not in that godforsaken place. Nothing will ever dissuade me of that, nothing.

/* Thank you John Cole for the chuckle, I needed it, and I still want to hear the story of how you made it through two windshields. When you have the time, I understand.

/* Bob Herbert has an excellent column today well worth reading. The problem is that Congress and the Obama Administration already have settled on a jobs bill for the year, it’s doubtful anything more will be done this term remotely on the scale recommended by Herbert.

[opens hands helplessly] The path to security and happiness and freedom isn’t in Afghanistan and the Department of Defense, it’s in investing that vast horde of cash in our little people. That such booming obvious truth has been twisted into ridiculous fantasizing by leftist hippies explains a lot of my I cruise low sometimes, it is so easy to be so much better than this.

/* I am truly politically surprised card check has not made it through Congress and its passage appears unlikely. The DC Democratic Party loves to flip off the left, but they almost always come through for the unions, they have in the past, and this should have made it.

Surprising what level of union participation can in fact move the entire labor market wage brackets up across the board. If I’m not mistaken Krugman states the tipping point at about 35%, once the unions organize to that level the rest of the labor market has to follow.

/* Speaking of surprises I’m truly dismayed to see how stupid the NFL owners recently were in adopting new overtime rules. They’ve been completely dusted by the far superior NCAA format, they know it yet they just couldn’t give in and take it on, they had to horribly half-ass it with a format that doesn’t even apply to the regular season, then absurdly gets junked after the first series of downs.

I know it’s non-political trivia, it still bugs me, it amazes me we got anywhere as a species when I see behavior like this, for Chrissakes change, NFL, display the evolution skills of the species, shit.

/* For the first time in 20 years I am going to break my rule and vote on a California initiative—voting for them at all legitimizes them, and I won’t do it for the government-wreckers.

But I will vote for the legalization of pot. I cannot ever express how utterly weary I am of punishing our people, especially our young, for something so relatively harmless in this vastly hypocritical world. Please leave our people alone with what peace and freedom the world deigns to grace them with.

Peace be with you all, Left Coasters, I am sorry not to be myself.

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