Saturday :: Apr 3, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Been rather busy lately, but I think this is an important story.

So far, a number of Guardians have emerged. Kennedy, a Texas radio-show host, was interviewed for two hours on Friday by the FBI, but not arrested. Another "elder" listed is Tom Schaults, who runs clinics on "attorney repellant technology." And a third is the owner of the Guardians website, Clive Boustred, whom Mother Jones describes as "a British-educated former South African soldier with an apparent knack for 'anti-terrorist warfare.'"

The appearance of Mr. Boustred in the mix may give some clue to the assertion by the Guardians that they had an agreement with "the military" to support their quiet coup.

So has the military been corrupted by this movement? Seems like something someone better get an answer to soon.

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