Sunday :: Apr 4, 2010

You Can’t Do That

by paradox

There is a line in these terrible times of lancing, slow bleed that cannot be crossed in the comfortable pronouncements of our public leadership, a mental posture that vividly and implacably understands the American people are brutally paying the price for failed political and economic leadership we have never put them through in modern American times. If comprehension to the multiple long-term horrors of millions of hungry children in homes of pain cannot seem to penetrate their lofty Ivy skulls, at least the decency of basic respect to American life will do.

Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary of the United States of America, shut up. Shattered dreams, crying children and poverty stabbed into our people is indeed an “unacceptable” scenario for the future. You, sir, bailed out institutions of the most vicious capitalistic patriarchal sort will billions in secret, forget to hell all the vast economic and political problems with this, those Wall Street people hate and loathe liberals and the Democratic Party. Everything liberals have accomplished they would smash if given the chance, yet there they sit in bonus splendor. Yeah yeah we know all the reasons, if we get it then it’s damn well time you freaking understand that with a background like that in an election year every syllable flapped from your cosseted lips must be uttered with the utmost caution and care.

No, saying the most critical metric for the health, freedom and wellbeing of our people is unacceptable while pronouncing absolutely nothing about the screaming need for fiscal expansion is not okay. Meaning there’s a hell of a lot the federal government could be doing to obliterate that “unacceptable” status, you can’t wander around and flap clueless lips that outcomes to our people’s lives cannot be accepted while in fact doing nothing.

Proper reaction would have been a $200 billion State aid package in 2010 to immediately halt the insane public sector spending cuts that are putting cops, bus drivers, firefighters and teachers on the streets. What we got instead was an acutely embarrassing $15 billion “jobs bill” that, just amazingly, is only made up of tax credits.

Frank Rich says unemployment and financial reform are the core metrics to measure 2010 Democratic Party success, not healthcare, not our appalling national security posture, not our nonexistent environmental progress. If that’s so President Obama had better forget fast in our new Keynesian epoch pronouncements of a spending freeze that—I still find this hard to believe happened--exempts the military. While conducting an absurdly tragic war of occupation while ever more American lives are thrown into the streets. While passing a jobs bill of tax credits.

Yes, Mr. President, that’s way over the line in showing respect for the American way of life and her people. It was a year ago, television will never remind anyone, posturing in the present will smooth it over, I completely understand, sir. I don’t forget.

Nothing stops me in the advocacy for the health and well-being of the little people of the United States. Not holiday, not reverence for office or political party, nor even acceptance from my own netroots community, which has graced me so much and means so much to me.

We are manifestly better than this, we know what to do and passing a $200 billion State aid package is not politically difficult. In a way the election results matter little for a judgment on all this, the truth of what we’ve done and who we are will forever be seared into our history as one of ghastly indifferent pain, a stark testimony that even after 225 years of Democracy the little people still have a huge fight ahead of them for just basic respect of their daily lives.

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