Monday :: Apr 5, 2010

Vast Idle Army Waits for the Call

by paradox

As an FDR little-people liberal I was not precisely enamored of the Obama 2008 campaign, but I was deeply thrilled to see smart minds grasp the internet and innovative organizing tools to recruit and implement a vast citizen army of change agents. Whatever possible power to be found in the army as the Obama agenda was implemented was going to be exciting to watch.

The People’s House is being ignored (again) as the agenda-setter for change, this time as the useless Senate Dodd bill is the blueprint for alleged financial reform. The rationale—as always—is that before even trying every single Republican vote is lost, to get anything at all one has to essentially give up.

This is but one disastrous element of the distasteful bipartisan embrace of our violent, authoritarian, patriarchal Republican cousins, by the way, since they know there’s no fight the are ridiculously emboldened and their agenda digested before even starting, Jesus save us.

Anyway, the issue is leaning on Republicans to do the right thing, it is absolutely absurd to assume a strong political campaign of reform with all the little people horror stories so easily at the ready would have zero effect on producing an excellent Senate bill with a few critical Republican votes.

The Republicans have the mighty Wurlitzer1—wheezy and constipated, but still there in a grossly bloated way—but we have the deeply motivated, young, energetic fresh energy of the campaign citizen army to bring forth enormous political will to easily obviate it. Right?

Two critical elements need to be kept in mind as that painful void is peered into. First is that not only are little people liberals watching their people be shut out of the process again, they’re waiting for the inevitable hard blow that’s coming as the sick dynamic of DC politics decides it’s fun and necessary to punch the hippies again to implement change.

The feminists and the liberals are easy marks too, make that Stupak deal and Palinize our coasts after chucking the public option. Liberals, feminists and environmentalists have been with the god damn Democratic Party forever, you dare to continually abuse us and there will come a day it will stop, believe me I will be there, and whatever the disastrous results are they will be tragically earned by the sickos that did it. I’m begging the Party leadership to see the volcanically powerful constituent base politics here, punching hippies has to stop, this is far more powerful than you know.

The second point directly relates to the first, the trembling vast raw political power behind financial reform, god damn it how is it fucking possible Senate leaders are playing footsie and patty-cake with that useless Senate Dodd bill? How is that possible? Trillions of public dollars have been put in play we can’t even get a Fed audit for, millions of Americans are destitute in a fresh great recession hell, real raw political rage held by every American demographic fiercely pulses under the American political fabric when this issue is brought to the fore, please, please comprehend the incredible risks here for failure.

It turns out the legislative champions of a great little people victory for 2010—student aid reform—were Tom Harkin in the Senate and George Miller in the House2. They had to do it by themselves, the little people didn’t even know where to help, and even now most don’t who to be grateful for and be there for them in the future.

What in the hell? I would have made calls for student aid reform, written letters, talked to folks, and I wasn’t even a campaign worker. At least 20 million Americans are as precisely ready to do whatever’s asked for financial reform.

Yet here we are, the mighty Wurlitzer vomiting corporate spew, core constituent elements of the Party rightfully pissed off, a pathetic Senate bill used as horribly lame starting point. Way to go.

There is still time to stop this nauseating DC process. Name a Senate and House champion for real reform, get Plouffe on the line and the citizen army would be there in a twinkling, just watch us. Oh yes, even I, abused and taken for granted, would be there for financial reform.

We all know how likely that scenario is. Such a tragic waste.

[1] Political slang for the vast, stifling, over-power American corporate media machine, always so conveniently there for the Republican cause. Fox News, it’s sniveling cousins in the rest of television, noxious talk radio, awful punditry in print.

[2] I’m writing personal thank-you letters to Harkin and Miller today. I don’t forget, it works both ways, I will be there for them in the future.

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