Tuesday :: Apr 6, 2010

Gingrich Lies - With An Assist From Lauer

by Deacon Blues

Newt Gingrich spews a Fox-worthy right wing talking point, and flat-out lies on the Today show this morning, knowing full well that dumbshit Matt Lauer would let him get away with it.

Nevermind that the CBO never said the IRS would have to hire 16,000 new agents to enforce the health care reform bill, or that the IRS commissioner said just yesterday that the penalties contained in the HCR bill may not require additional agents at all.

Gingrich, who fancies himself a serious policy thinker, knew he could lie to a stooge like Lauer and get away with it, because Matt has let Gingrich get away without scrutiny before, and because Matt shills for the wingers as part of his DNA.

Memo to Lauer: If you and your producer had Gingrich coming on and knew you were asking him about health care reform, is it really that difficult to prepare for the lies ahead of time? Oh, I forgot - you're not really a journalist, you're just a poor, pathetic excuse for a talking head on NBC who fluffs losers like Gingrich all the time.

Hat tips to DKos and Media Matters

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