Tuesday :: Apr 13, 2010

Transitional Times

by paradox

Sorry to be late and empty-handed this morning but my technology let me down again, this time an inability to synch the iPod to my hopelessly lame Windows storage tower. Because my workhouse laptop died on Saturday. After replacing the washer & dryer, microwave and dishwasher in the last 14 months because while it was fun to buy them all at once but it never occurred to me they’d quit at the same time too. Plus multiple ungodly thousands of dollars to keep a truck and Civic in good working order.

[sigh] I’m not complaining, just moodily accepting how completely I depend on all this stuff, I can’t even bike 20 miles without my iPod anymore, it’s just unthinkable about trying it in silence.

I’m still with retro low-def television, all the audio systems need an upgrade for Sirius, which I still can’t bring myself to hook up to even though I abandoned radio a decade ago and desperately need new music inputs.

I like my Kindle yet am saddened at how dusted it became by the hot new iPad. I’d just like to get a functional Windows (7) laptop running before I even think about an iPad, it’s a Dell again, a little slow in delivery this time ‘cause I’m waiting on parts.

I suppose I shall age an uncool Windows doof while the cool ones whiz by with Snow Leopard machines and iPad apps. At least I can text on my phone.

What does all this mean? Nothing. Just that all this technology we love so much has cost me a fortune, broke all to hell in the last year, and has got me sitting here confused and lost (again) as I contemplate the meaning of it all. In time all will be restored for relative normality, not an unfamiliar feeling, really.

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