Wednesday :: Apr 14, 2010

Liberal Law and Regulation, Senator Kerry

by paradox

I politely tipped but did not recommend the top slot rec list work by Senator John Kerry currently at Daily Kos, a contradictory and confusing message cloaked with fear and evasion, yet still offered in a form a Senatorial sincerity for the wellbeing of the little people that cannot be overlooked.

Uh oh, a front-pager at Daily Kos wrote perfectly at the news an appellate court had agreed with the telecom companies over net neutrality, Congress must write the regulation law for the internet, not the Federal Communications Commission. Kerry plainly admits our dysfunctional Congress just can’t do it but the FCC can—really—so call your Congressperson today. It simply is not credible for a Senator to admit Senate inability to function yet ask the little people to engage in the same institution that doesn’t work.

Furthermore, the precise word and concept being requested by Senator Kerry is regulation, part of a framework used to be known as regulated capitalism, it’s an integral critical element in how the United States became a great country. Yet the word never appears in his plea, not once, and this obvious evasion to principle speaks loudly of a sad fear of political realities that, again, is simply not credible for a United States Senator to make.

If blunt painful truths are not the bedrock elements for a Senatorial politician to use in attempting urgency, well, it wouldn’t be the first time Americans had to sift for the truth from a politician in these confusing times. Senator Kerry did in fact show up, he did speak to us, and if he crudely exposed vast political inadequacies behind his request his sincerity and bravery in facing us cannot be questioned, nor unappreciated. Thank you, Senator Kerry, showing up goes a long way in this world.

Do the little people face the same scenario with financial regulation? That a Senator shows up and admits that Congress doesn’t work, but calling Congress to harangue the Securities and Exchange Commission to do the jobs they’ve never been able to do will?

Such are the dangers of abandoning good liberal legislative law and unabashed adherence to regulated capitalism, there’s nothing consistent for the people or the Party to be passionately engaged with. If Senator Kerry really wants results from the Netroots tie in derivative regulation with telecommunication regulation, use the concepts and words like a liberal would, and interest will undoubtedly soar.

Far too much to expect of a Senator in these corporate times of great recession, one supposes, but still the truth. Showing up and asking for help is a great thing to be treated with respect, that too is the truth, hopefully Senator Kerry will be back with the netroots to report on progress with this issue in the future.

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