Friday :: Apr 16, 2010

It’s a Confusing World

by paradox

Via the inimitable Melissa McEwan of Shakesville comes this very disturbing image of Jesus, believe you me it’s not work safe. For those not able to look, some artist with no longer latent issues painted an image of Jesus with a huge penis and tennis ball testicles, my God, the ludicrous rationale is that fungo bat weenie on Jesus is supposed to be a cut sixpack, I swear.

The issue is that church hierarchy rejected the extremely obvious complaints and departures of congregation over the image, even in the screaming environment of current Catholic Church sexual felony enabling. Man has been around for an infinitesimal speck of time on the vast spectrum of earth's existence, fine, we’ve only been keeping our solar calendar for 20 tiny human generations, okay, but human beings—even in the totally lost in space Catholic patriarchy—have to be able to look at that super schlong and acknowledge the truth. We must have evolved as a cognizant species to accomplish that feat, yet we obviously have not, it confuses me.

I have a very nice email from President Obama here this morning explaining the need for financial reform, how it is time to hold the big banks accountable to the people they serve, accountability to the little people so warms my liberal heart. Speaking of such, how’s that jobs bill coming along, Mr. President?

Last I heard—a week ago—the jobs bill was stalled in the House over a chairmanship squabble in how to spend the available TARP funds, crumbs left over the Bush bailout for the little people. If Democrats make sure the financial system functions correctly with regulation (a word that never appears in President Obama’s email) how is it possible to ignore the little people when it comes to jobs? Isn’t the system supposed to function for everybody?

Same as it ever was, Obama cannot don the mantle of avenging FDR jobs-producer liberal for racial reasons, bleah bleah bleah, I know, the issue again is the massive magnitude American job losses that should be a roaring slap in the face for Congress and the President, just as surely as that massive Jesus dick should have been to those Catholics, yet somehow is not.

I suppose if one keeps simmering the issue down one could say modern American leadership has developed an extraordinary detachment to the hellish pain of little people Americans losing their homes, relationships and sanity because they can’t find any work, let alone something called fulfillment in that abstract concept called a career.

Ultimately it simply doesn’t work, we know what to do and have to for self-preservation as a species and country, yet we do not.

Very thankfully duty in gardens awaits me, here at the house I set up an excellent bird bath to go along with my consistent feeding, so this flock of perhaps 30 birds is raging their morning ritual ruckus in the massive umbrella of the canary palm. Surrounded by three rose gardens starting their spectacular bloom on 62 canes, I am so very fortunate.

Then duty for the huge spring planting cycle at the St. Jude’s food garden, a bouquet of legacy roses for the office first. The birds like me their too, I often dig up a lot of worms. There are exciting plans for a much prettier, more sustaining garden this year, and the strawberry garden the youths planted is doing extremely well.

I only truly know what to do before me, and at least there is great comfort in the basic cycles of awesome life in the California sunshine, animals and plants to take care of with a mindset that never, ever leaves me confused. It won’t last long, but in the American times and life given to me it will have to do.

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