Monday :: Apr 19, 2010


by paradox

Oy I hate working on this ancient tower with its clunky software and keyboard, for a person not ever really at ease it sets me on edge before I ever begin a lovely introspection on our state and federal political actors. The new laptop shows up today and besides being anchored to the house waiting for it there’s an enormous amount of work to do once it does show up.

I have absolutely nothing political, in other words. I’m in my tiny cycle of small household tasks, no more or less. It’s a good day and the last thing I want to do is get a caffeine jack and then rat-a-tat some machine gun text about how someone has screwed up, which is all I seem capable of lately.

Change is coming, and not just in my computing platform. I don’t know what kind writer I’ll be when I get to the other side of it.

Please have the greatest day ever, Left Coasters, I have many chores to do. Please have a great week.

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