Wednesday :: Apr 21, 2010

Little Hoovers Draw a Tie

by paradox

I suppose it’s fair to slot me as an Unhappy Democrat in these turbulent confusing times, but at least half of my angst arises out of the dire political and social straits of California, not just the federal leadership of the Obama Administration. It’s extremely painful to see California’s children and future—to say nothing of the vital roles of cops and firemen—be tossed to the winds in such continual stupid cruelty that we easily have the ability to abate. The New York Times informed us yesterday that the California experience is being horribly repeated across the country, states just don’t have the money or political ability in our Great Recession to keep our people employed for vital public services.

It’s impossible to accurately quantify in real time, but I did read once the State cuts since 2008 have equaled the federal stimulus spending amounts, meaning all the ballyhooed vast amounts of federal cash doled out so far really isn’t stimulus at in the big ledger of things, just a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Although impossible to definitively claim it’s a very reasonable conclusion, many voices in the 2008 stimulus workup called for much higher amounts and direct cash infusion to the states, not just indirect construction projects.

California is still of course in the grip of its stupid, towering monument to testosterone and steroid poisoning political leadership of Governor Bicep, Arnold smoke-a-joint Schwarzenegger. As long as that obdurate nicotine addict coddles the filthy destructive dreams of a hack Republican minority in the Senate there is no hope at all for our public servants, the state is awash in pink slips. Any chance of progress for 2011 if Californians elect Jerry Brown, past governor and presidential candidate?

If one wants to get a case of nausea and a dim hope for the people of California go to Jerry’s website, where one can see all the ways he’s been fighting for the little people. All these issues are listed, but absolutely nothing about fighting for the future of education or taking on the Republicans for dragging us all down in a ridiculously un-democratic minority.

Jerry, shut the fuck up. If you can’t identify education and Republican obstructionism as the completely obvious fights that California needs to have I really don’t want to hear another childish, bombastic, sickening word about what a bad-ass fighter you are, for the love of Christ give the State a break.

I’ve really had it with this chauvinistic, swaggering, sexist bragging about fighting from needledicks who won’t fight, haven’t in the past and don’t even know what it is. Furthermore, we as a society have somehow got to evolve from this domineering little boy George Bush political posturing, it gives Tom Friedman a hard-on but it’s an absolute disaster in real-time relations and a terrible mindset for building with the future. Not every issue is a bully fight on the playground, for Christ’s sake grow up and get a clue, and when fighting is absolutely necessary it’s based on imperative principles, not the constant need to slap everyone in the face about what a violent, un-controlled brute you are. Are George Bush and Governor Bicep revered politicians with shining records of accomplishment behind them?

[sigh] Jerry Brown may yet evolve into a real fighter for the little people, but so far he has been playing his cards very close to his chest, very cautious in what he thinks the State needs to go through next year. It’s perfectly understandable, I wish him the best, but the time of empty words for California is so over.

Even if he makes it to next year. Right now tens of thousands of pink slips have been knifed out to California teachers, at least ten thousand won’t be back in the Fall, and there are many other little people public servants getting the axe too. There is no cash at all in the current federal jobs bill and no hope at all a direct stimulus to the States will be forthcoming, Congress can’t even work up a climate bill. We’re going down.

One waits and hopes for political leadership that finally comprehends and leads for more public spending. We should have learned with searing intensity eighty years ago never to cut public spending in a great recession, not on any level, but we did not. Much to the enormous detriment to us all, when the chips were really down the little Hoovers in the States drew a tie on stimulus. California and the country will pay dearly for it for a long, long time.

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