Wednesday :: Apr 21, 2010

Cause and Effect

by Deacon Blues

Right wing media has been telling us about a widespread movement to not comply with the 2010 Census. And it's all BS.

The percentage of households that have mailed back their Census forms could top the 2000 response rate — a major accomplishment in the face of growing suspicion of government, swelling population and increased diversity.

Just how much of this "growing suspicion of government" is real, and how much is ginned up inflammatory rhetoric from the right wing? Well, a clue may be seen in another poll today, which reports that a strong majority of those polled think there is too much incivility in politics today, with many of those blaming the media for this.

More than two-thirds in a nationwide poll taken for the study said Americans "should be ashamed of the way elected officials acted" during the recent health care debate. Half said the tone of politics has declined since President Obama was elected; just 10% said it has improved.

Go figure. And who is responsible for the hardened attitudes and rigidity that has led to this visible increase in political incivility and an unwillingness to compromise to move things forward?

There were significant differences by ideology, however. Liberals by 59%-36% favored the ability to compromise. Conservatives' views were a reverse of that: By 60%-34%, they preferred a willingness to stand firm.

Let's put this squarely where it belongs: the right wing and its media are to blame for the deterioration in American society over the last several years.

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