Tuesday :: Apr 27, 2010

McCain Blames Obama For Arizona's "Show Me Your Papers" Law

by Deacon Blues

Sure, John McCain is in a real battle to get re-elected. But today he blamed the Obama administration for the action taken by Arizona to authorize law enforcement to challenge brown people on sight. According to McCain, Arizona was forced to do what it did because the Obama administration failed to secure Arizona’s border in its first fourteen months in office.

Really Senator? Can your office show us the eight years of McCain complaints against the Bush administration for not securing Arizona's border?

It should be noted that Bush promised to double the number of Border Patrol agents, and instead rebuffed congressional efforts to fund thousands of agents out of cost concerns, even to the point of threatening to veto those annual appropriation spending bills. Late in his term, and realizing he'd be blamed for a broken promise and failing border security, Bush then asked his GOP lackeys to move the spending out of the Homeland Security spending bill and instead put an agent hiring ramp-up effort into one of the war supplementals to avoid the humiliation of having his own party vote to override his veto. The accelerated hiring demand overwhelmed the Patrol's ability to fast-track the effort, something Bush did not care about on his way out of office. He simply wanted to claim credit and leave town.

Back in 2006, Bush did put money for more agents in his immigration reform proposal, the one McCain and Ted Kennedy worked on, yet it was Bush's own GOP that killed this effort, with not much of a wimper from McCain himself.

In fact, Bush was so negligent in this area, Janet Napolitano had to deploy thousands of her National Guard to the border in 2005, something Bush copied later. This came after Bush gutted funding for thousands of agents in 2005 because of cost concerns, at a time when he was throwing billions at Iraq and Blackwater. Yet where was McCain complaining about this?

Obama's first budget contained funding for 2000 more agents. Yet McCain can sleep at night by justifying Arizona's overreach against brown people by blaming the black guy in the White House.

A real maverick.

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