Monday :: May 3, 2010

Economic Mood Improving?

by Deacon Blues

You can assume the GOP will do everything it can to gin up anger at the president over the BP gulf oil spill and the attempted bombing in New York. They have to keep their base riled up and misdirected away from the economy and financial reform, because the GOP really has no weapons it can use against Democrats on the latter. As for the former, the country's mood on the economy is improving.

A growing number of Americans think the economy is improving and three-quarters of them approve of President Obama’s handling of the country’s economy, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.
Forty-one percent said the economy is getting better, up from 33 percent about a month ago, while 15 percent described the economy as deteriorating.

Obama's base appears to have come home on the issue.

Younger and better educated Americans are more likely to describe the economy as on the mend. Sixty-one percent of Democrats said the economy is getting better, but only 16 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of independents agreed.

The critical number for the remainder of the year heading into November is the number of independents who feel that the economy is improving.

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