Wednesday :: May 5, 2010

Poizner Gaining On Whitman - Thanks To Goldman

by Deacon Blues

According to an unnamed poll, there are reports this afternoon that the California GOP gubernatorial primary is becoming a closer race. Up until now, Meg Whitman has been able to carpet-bomb Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner with tens of millions of dollars in ad buys and infomercials, and build (what was once) a 40-point lead. But with Poizner now retaliating by linking Whitman to Goldman Sachs, suddenly the gap between them with still more than a month to go until the primary may be down to single digits.

Sure, it will force Whitman to dump another $25 million of her own money into a final assault upon Poizner, but voters may have already seen way too much of her commercials and cheesy, hero-worshipping infomercials. And it's $25 million she isn't spending against the sleep-walking Jerry Brown campaign.

Brown's still running for governor, isn't he? And if he's fashioned a message and reason why he's running that can be said in less than 15 seconds, I've missed it.

Update: Poizner is telling the SF Chronicle that he's only 8-10 points behind Whitman now, and that her support is collapsing. Really?

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