Tuesday :: Jun 1, 2010

I Wouldn’t Do That

by paradox

Journalist Robert Kuttner recently described the American electorate as “still livid” at the way our pernicious porcine finance industry grows fat at the public trough, an interesting description for an electorate notorious for its detached tribal passivity. There is of course very widespread virulent disgust at the sight of so many little people brutally chinning it while Wall Street execs recline in the Caymans with nothing but sun, sex and mixed drinks on the menu, but if just the real basic story of what happened becomes concretely known to the public with just one added perfect push, well, perhaps then a real America rage will be with us.

Our abhorrently petulant, stratospherically arrogant patriarchal Wall Street pricks so charitably slotted as “executives” are still exhorting their lobbying army with fury, yes, but the little dance and play our public servants skipped out to they could keep their jobs while 50 million little people get lanced is not known to the electorate, not in the least.

The summer of two years ago, election time, Republican Secretary Treasury Henry Paulson panics at the imminent Wall Street self-inflicted implosion, blithely chucks free market orthodoxy into the shitcan like it was a full roach motel and goes to Congress for hundreds of billions to buy up worthless “assets” peddled by sneering crooks. In the uproar Obama endorses the idea, billions are eventually ready with lightning speed and except for Lehman Brothers our titans of capitalism cruise on.

Nope. What actually went down is that when Paulson literally had an act of Congress worth hundreds of billions in his hands he chucked it just like his alleged faith in the free market, he just changed his mind and went begging to the Federal Reserve to buy up Wall Street felonious idiocy, Chairman Bernanke acquiesced without a public peep and possibly trillions of public little people implacably flowed like the Mississippi river, my God.

What happened to all that notorious TARP bailout money? I don’t know. How much was spent for what in 2007 and 2008 by the Fed in little people money to bail out those noxiously immature Wall Street crooks? We’ll find when the audit, so nobly pushed by Representative Alan Grayson, finally becomes public. Will we ever get a plain answer as to how much all this truly cost? Probably not.

That American public servants should have such a loud public debate on how to spend hundreds of billions and then somehow summon the moxie to sneak behind their backs with a hidden play is so beyond the pale, such stark evidence of furtive souls so lost in space in an alleged Democracy careening to nowhere if a mechanism somehow existed to safely, instantly replace every god damn elected public servant in DC 200 million Americans would desperately stomp on that lever, right fucking now, good riddance to your lying scurrilous asses.

President Obama acquiesced to all this too when he chose Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke to serve another term. My misery as a liberal, little people Democrat is evergreen.

Widespread livid public rage is the alleged possibility here, however, and of course Teabaggers who got a tax cut are still ranting about socialism (!). No chance this culture, incubator of the Frito Bandito, ever gets riled up at all the abuse. Right?

Another unknown little people money story in Social Security, coupled with that funhouse Federal Reserve ploy, just might do it. Who is the greatest buyer of US Treasury debt bonds, the lender who pays in the present for all our glorious militarism and Wall Street crook bailouts? We are, the little people, we loan the money to ourselves with all the extra taxes Ronald Reagan implemented, all this time tax cuts let the well-off skate so little people savings for the future could keep US Government allegedly afloat.

Amazingly an alleged Democratic Party President packed another sneaky mechanism of our cherished Democracy—the commission—with “deficit hawks” who will recommend cutting Social Security benefits for the little people this Fall. After over-taxing and saving for decades, wars and bailouts and unemployment brutally marching on.

I wouldn’t do that. Our masterful public servants obviously think the risk of the true bailout story coupled with a beyond outrageous ploy to make the little people get horribly ripped with Social Security after saving all this time is tiny, otherwise everything wouldn’t be appallingly in place.

Still, there are many other mechanisms outside of CBS and its sniveling cousins for news and that truth to spread. May the sustainment of life our Earth granted us stay ever with us if that happens, for then the rage of our people will truly be with us in horribly livid colors, blood and pain our handmaidens on a ruinous path to nowhere.

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