Friday :: Jun 4, 2010

We Didn’t Stimulate Employment

by paradox

It is one of the easiest and insidious of human failings, the trap of “believing your own bullshit” as Digby so aptly put it recently, but that still doesn’t excuse not accepting the truth when it slaps you in the face. Proponents of Obama Administration have a very bad habit of trotting out the 2008 stimulus as a “success,” a wearying jack of mental masturbation that rationalizes mere squirrelly American legislative accomplishment and nothing at all resembling “success.”

I could give a shat about gdp numbers, employment is our measurement device, and the truth is that the 2008 “stimulus” was riddled with ridiculous multiply-regressive tax cuts (still creases me so sideways) and completely failed in abating the rancid Hooverism ripping state governments to hell (besides the instant economic hurt of laying off public sector employees immense crashing confidence damage smashes our ability to initiate change, we’re stupid and we know it). Please, please stop listing the 2008 stimulus as a success, it mocks our people out of work horribly in an appalling disrespect while doing nothing but displaying the vast human potential for living in denial.

We now have more people out of work than we did in the Great Depression. Go ahead and rationalize with proportions and rates if it works for you, it still won’t get 15 million Americans a job this month, any job just to survive, just forget to hell any lofty human metrics like career, good compensation or a sense of place on the American experience. By the way, if people can’t work and the mortgage default rate is still in the horrifying stratosphere, was the stimulus an accomplishment? Well? Go ahead, do me with gdp, Jesus.

Not only am I angry and hurt at the new acceptance of oh well mass unemployment, but moral trade-offs we made in budgetary decisions dog me daily in embarrassment and shame as I read outraged comments around blogtopia every day. We can’t extend COBRA for the unemployed but have 60 billion dollars (again!) for the insane Afghanistan war of death and misery? Boom, no questions asked, fuck the unemployed, take the money. We have money for farm subsidies but not for our kids? It rattles me and the country every single day, we know we’re on the wrong path but cannot face the truth and change.

One truth is that every political scientist is completely fascinated at the prospect of watching Congressional midterm results with an incredible 10% unemployment rate, nothing has remotely been seen like it before. This is where having a crank freak show of an opposition party kills us, if we had to run against real candidates of principle we’d truly have to defend our own, but in this sea of lying mediocrity Democrats get away with it. Sort of.

such is the final judgment of having a 10% unemployment rate for Congressional midterms. I hope that word smashes into every Obama proponent with the force of hurricane. Unpredictable? Are you fucking kidding me? Just 18 months ago the Republican elephant appeared on the cover of Time magazine, dead, prone and eyes x’d out. The country was and is livid at what those Republican idiots did to the little people and those lying gross wielders of immense pain never, ever should have got the chance to govern in any fucking capacity for 20 years.

Now here were are in 2010 with unpredictable Congressional results for the midterms, it just blows my mind. Now tell me again how successful the 2008 stimulus was?

We as a Party and people will be on the primary correct path of life when the unemployed, their lives, homes and children are more important that bailing out Wall Street. More important than an insane trillion dollar war in Afghanistan. More important than farm subsidies, kissing the ass of any rich special interest, or engaging in ridiculously transparent political kabuki behavior like that appalling deficit commission. When passing another real stimulus bill that employs our people instead of forcing our people into horribly dismaying denial becomes the paramount objective of our President and Congress.

Don’t agree? Too hard? Go ahead and live with the absolutely unforgivable political act of letting the Republicans back into the game, I can think of no other horridly disastrous breach of citizen and political duty than that. Go ahead and live with the vicious hurled barbs of pain and outrage from our little people thrown into the street while some felon at Bank of America dons a $5,000 suit this morning, the searing hypocrisy cannot be escaped and will do irreparable damage to the Democratic Party brand. I will not, I will not be silent until the United States of America serves its little people first.

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