Monday :: Jun 14, 2010

Gimme Both Ways

by paradox

In 1983 the President of the United States was openly laughed at in Congress during a State of the Union address. Certainly in the top 10 of the worst Presidents ever to be inflicted upon the little people, Saint Ronnie had proclaimed with a straight stern face that “the budget deficit is obscene.” This manifest fool, champion of obviously ludicrous napkin economics, had of course taken nuclear weapons to the federal budget three years before with tax cuts that produced revenue (heh), the network technicians cranked down the audience audio as fast as they could, but the open Congressional laughter at the federal fiscal clown show was indelibly burned into the American experience.

The lame theater clanked along through the years, Ronnie’s successor absolutely vilified and despised for the attempt at being responsible in raising taxes, Clinton the moderate Republican actually coming through with a modicum of adherence to principle and luck with a few booms to produce a surplus, Bush the Palin Clone naturally blowing up our money with fission tax bombs.

I hope the point is perfectly clear to our current public officials in DC: the little people aren’t stupid, our heads are not television sets, we’ve been watching and been horribly screwed by leadership that treats our tax money as nothing more than a jack to DC egos with justification to their stupid economic theories for 30 years now, nothing being flapped about the lips of our DC leadership when it comes to federal finances and the deficit is remotely trusted in any sense. Nothing.

After the worst President of all time even DC knew it had to pause on the deficit bullshit machine, even the manipulators of that muggy town were aware that after Bush proclaiming the new American doom of deficit debt would never work. In some utterly dismaying path of Grand Bargain Obama took the Republican way of tax cuts, none of which the Republicans voted for anyway, while the deficit sirens howled not a teeny lit bit.

We all know the inevitable story, with no options left to stave off Great Depression II but spending on the little people DC manipulators desperately cranked up their deficit mania machine yet again, look out look out! Never mind where we were 18 months ago, me must cut spending now!

Those two wars going on with trillion dollar price tags? Never mind. That Jabba the Hut bloated Defense budget that dwarfs all military spending on the planet combined, that gives the Marine Corps a bigger air force than the United Kingdom? Never mind. The sickening tax cuts to the rich left sitting there while the rest of the country bleeds? Never mind. Separating the pure fiduciary lense from federal spending behavior, isn’t it a massive and horrible moral failing to have 20-25% of American children in poverty while waging war with money you don’t have? Never mind!

Swimming political and federal fiscal life with the utterly dismaying principle of policy in the moment, President Obama wilted completely under the new deficit doom assault last year and announced a spending freeze (sort of) that exempted the military. Yet over the weekend he sent a so sternly worded letter to our acutely embarrassing majority leady, blue dog Steny Hoyer, urging him to spend $50 billion dollars in emergency spending for the little people.

The Obama team can be so all over the place one never knows if this was a trial balloon kabuki move to placate the base or if they really are snapping out of their insane fiscal dream, belatedly coming to the realization if something isn’t done soon to halt insane State spending cuts no DC bullshit machine of epic proportions could ever cover their asses in the hurricane of a new Depression.

It truly is a sad day in the United States when gimme both ways children use a letter to convince a lying hypocritical blue dog to keep American children off the streets.

As stated before, all of this deficit/spending kabuki opera is completely obvious. A very long game of lying and manipulating the little people easily comprehended 30 years go, yet the EveryReady battery of DC deficit bullshit machine inevitably clanks on. Hello? You’re not fooling anyone, no one, stop it.

Clear, absolute dedication to principle over sustained budget cycles, empirical demonstration that American children are more important than opium overlords, that would go a very long way in restoring faith and trust in DC fiscal politics, yes. If our current crop of manipulators in DC want to survive politically and leave any legacy of success, sustained implementation of liberal fiscal principle would go a long way.

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