Tuesday :: Jun 15, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

Tonight I heard one of the rival oil companies former CEO/president talk about how BP and its CEO has been doing a commendable job in the face of great crisis. (Sorry, no link as I believe it was a BBC segment and I'm not able to find it online.)

He said Hayward was not responsible for the mistakes of those thousands of workers in his company and Hayward had run into the same problem other leaders have when there are lots of humans who can go off on the wrong track. So I yelled at the radio, "Not so!"

There is more than enough evidence that CEO John Hayward had created a culture within BP that rewarded speed of execution over safety, that people were rewarded for getting things done fast (damn the safety issues) and whistle-blowers who tried to warn upper-management when there were problems paid a steep price for their efforts.

CEOs do shape the culture of the company and when something goes so drastically wrong because of mistakes the CEO made (putting profit before safety), then they should be held accountable. Funny how in our world, only the little guy with very little control over events has to pay for their bad decisions and mistakes. The rich and powerful keep getting "get out of jail" free cards for everything. And when they destroy the the banking system or our natural resources, that's when the other rich and powerful gather round to keep them safe from retribution by the peons.

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