Wednesday :: Jun 16, 2010

Let Hamid Have It

by Steve

It’s an unfortunate byproduct of the Bush/Cheney administration’s mastering of disaster capitalism that Hamid Karzai was already working with his enemies when he learned that his country sat atop one of the world’s largest repositories of minerals and metals. Although corrupt and barely in control of anything outside of Kabul, Karzai knows from his days as a consultant for Unocal that American multinationals only want to plunder and let others die to allow for those profits. In addition, he knows the limits of American commitment from the Charlie Wilson days, especially with deficit hawks circling the Obama administration.

He’s beginning to cut his own deals with his enemies in the Taliban and Pakistan’s ISI, rather than stay fully committed to the American game plan in his country, because he knows the only way to fully exploit those resources is with a native solution and not one imposed at the end of NATO or American guns. The Taliban now know that large parts of these reserves are in the border regions they control, so they will fight even harder any outside efforts at plunder. Karzai rightly believes that a political and economic solution is better than a military one, and is simply advancing to the end game, especially with the Chinese and other countries ready to bid for those deposits. But who will provide the security for these profit opportunities? Why should America continue letting its sons and daughters die for a country and corrupt leadership that only wants us there as a security blanket?

Besides, if all these deficit hawks really want to cut spending, then the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns are a down payment towards that goal.

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