Thursday :: Jun 17, 2010

Tribalism Calling

by paradox

In his 1996 State of the Union Address Bill Clinton—with a cunning small smile I still admire—unabashedly announced the era of big government is over, a signature call to arms of his zealous Reaganite opponents. The network camera instantly swung to the Republican Senate gallery for one of my favorite political memories of all time, watching Alfonse “The Fonz” D’Amato (R-NY) look like he’d chugged a pint of vinegar and was dealing with the gas at the same time, a reptilian overlay of Machiavellian outrage settling on his features.

All the Senate Republicans seethed, a rather puzzling reaction initially: the opposition leader had just embraced one of their signature political paradigms, why wouldn’t that make them happy? Because the paradigm was obvious bullshit, always laughably had been, of course the Senate Republican never believed in it. Now the opposition had co-opted one of their phony pillars of existence, they’d have to invent another one to try and take him down, god damn it that takes time and hey, it isn’t easy!

Swinging my weary gaze to the current Republican opposition lately I’m reminded of just how little the Republicans have cultivated the core principles of Nothing they’ve had in their hands since 1996. They’re the same grossly authoritarian, sexist, racist, homophobic, militaristic elitist lying corporatists they’ve always been, vast pools of blood and debt horribly befouling freedom and the constitution they purport to revere so much after their disastrous reign of Bush.

I rarely if ever waste my time on them, what for? They’re venomous, ravenously angry authoritarians, they hate reason and facts almost as much as liberals. They impeached a president over nothing and then stole an election for that 9/11 Sarah Palin clone, and their fanatical tribe of followers still clings to their elusive vapors of laughable political rationales—when they aren’t completely lost on some loony path of pathetic misinterpretation like Obama is a Socialist.

[giggles] Like sippin’ coffee, comes through every time, just too funny.

I rarely watch political television or news, I find it an insulting, ill-informative well of perpetual disgust perpetuated by manipulative, offensive children, a completely alarming propaganda network blooming under our watch of the Democracy. If you want to get lied to (Iraq war, anyone?) watch American television news and political commentary.

So I’m reading Neiwart and Amato’s new book Over the Cliff: How Obama’s Election Drove the American Right Insane last night and I’m constantly overtaken with chuckles and outright laughter at just 25%, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Orly Taitz, Bill O’Reilly, can any of this truly be serious? You’re not kidding me, this really happened?

Only in America, truly. Talk about lost in space in ludicrous spirals of rationalization and fantasy, I had no idea the environment had collapsed to its present state of comedic absurdity.

Sobering and sad reality came creeping in soon enough: these are the lunatics we have to run against and deal with on a media level right now, today, lest they somehow win again and truly smash up the country forever into a brutal oligarchy, serfdom to polluting corporations the new paradigm of American Freedom. Isn’t it your duty to make sure that never happens? Isn’t being critical of President Obama failing in that duty?

Yes and yes. Obama supporters—you know how you are—who are weary of my knife can soon rest easy and look for danger elsewhere, very soon it will be put away and of course I will answer the call to Party and country duty, what little I can do to make sure the truth of who the Republicans are and the insane dangers they represent to our Democracy will be my path. As always.

The tribe is calling, elections are coming soon, I will be there.

I will say this before I go: Obama and his supporters took incredible risks to the country and Party by letting these horrible war felons off the hook and embracing these dangerously loony Republican authoritarians as legitimate political partners.

I don’t forget, obviously. The Republicans were left for dead on the cover of Time magazine just 15 months ago, rightly so, and if they take even one branch of Congress this election that manifest, unforgivable political failure will unleash a furious hurricane of seething criticism from the liberal base that will make Obama and his people look to 2008-2010 as the Happy Time, a blissful period of hope and faith. How I hope none of us have to experience that.

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