Friday :: Jun 18, 2010

Taking A 2x4 To Them

by Steve

A day after he gave no answers to Congress, Tony Hayward was bounced as the BP executive overseeing the catastrophe. And seeing an enraged Congress forming with pitchforks, one of BP’s partners in the Deepwater Horizon well threw them under the bus late today.

The same happened today politically, as some GOP representatives distanced themselves from Joe Barton and other GOP rats faced heat, while the Democrats finally began to capitalize from Barton’s kamikaze act. If the DCCC doesn’t have ads running by the end of this week against all the members of the Republican Policy Committee, who just days ago were condemning Obama for shaking down BP, then the DCCC staff should be fired.

And as for the British tabloid media being mad at us for vilifying BP, shut the fuck up. Unless you get your asses over here to clean up BP’s mess, and then dump it into the Thames, you have no right to complain about anything we do to your irresponsible POS national treasure, got it? You'll be lucky if we don't gleefully bankrupt it first, which is what happens when you as a nation willingly accept for decades the spoils from a corrupt criminal enterprise that you've allowed to harm this country without a peep from any of you across the pond.

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