Sunday :: Jun 20, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

I want to recommend these two posts by my friend, Dave Johnson, one which lays out the path our country took in electing Reagan and the other choice we had. Because before Reagan was elected, Jimmy Carter laid out two paths this country could take: one for a future designed to build real freedom and purpose for our country where how we tackled the energy problem could be used as a marker on how well we were doing as a society, and the other path based on consumption and a reliance on oil which he predicted would lead to a badly divided society incapable of solving our common problems. Back then we didn't realize that a carbon based economy was laying the seeds for killing the planet, but we did know that by relying on fossil fuel, our society would be put on a path that would enrich a few based on dirty energy and would require wars that would be needed to keep our country swimming in oil (which sadly, it is doing literally today).

So watch Carter's speech and reflect on where we would be today if we had only heeded his words.

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