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Book Review: Over the Cliff, How Obama’s Election Drove the American Right Insane

by paradox

Over the Cliff, How Obama’s Election Drove the American Right Insane
John Amato, David Neiwert
Digby, Forward
Copyright 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9824171-7-1
eBook ISBN: 978-1-9362273-8-9

Three days ago I was only at 16% in this book from authors David Neiwert and John Amato, pillars of blogtopia with their respective extremely successful publications Orcinus and Crooks & Liars, and made a grave error in stating the work was comedic. On a political science level at that point in the book for a brain totally un-used to the jaw-dropping childish antics of television journalism it certainly is, but immediately thereafter and ultimately this is a chronicle of violent, sickeningly dishonest, grossly manipulative American television journalism coupled with our cher cousin politically insane Republicans, a profoundly tragic and alarming book that is anything but humorous, on any level.

I can also say with the certainly of all the atoms in my existence if a reader is mentally ingesting these pixels purchase and reading of this book is a must evolution of the utmost importance and duty. Not only that, 100% assurance is given of total worth in narrative voice, history and political science, if one reads blogs in many ways Over the Cliff manifestly delivers, it’s a great read.

By the way, if one of our friends on The Other Side, say, Michelle Malkin (oy), had alleged to have written a media book our cousins of love would have ginned up their mighty email and loyalty machine to get the base on the ball--right freaking now—to buy the book, launch the bullshit and then justify its alleged worth with endless stacked sales that of course no one will ever read. We are not them, we are so proud of reminding ourselves, but for once we should acknowledge and act upon the reflexive Republican traits of loyalty and teamwork, whatever the end results one must acknowledge those traits have served Republicans extremely well. Buy the book.

To immensely simplify, instead of honestly changing after consecutive humiliating federal election defeats the Republican Party double-downed on its useless and futile modus operandi of resentment politics. Policy means absolutely nothing to them, they use our American propaganda network, Fox, and its nauseating brethren network journalists to constantly launch this politics of nowhere, a horribly sad and alarmingly violent ploy to the worst tribal instincts residing in human souls. It’s amazing how successful they are at it, one would think it isn’t possible with our American reverence to science, but if one buys the book it’s easily demonstrated how they pull it off.

At one point its abundantly clear Bill O’Reilly of Fox News at the very least incited homicide against abortion provider George Tiller, he’d constantly berated him on the air as a baby killer. Nutjob! Bill and all the rest at Fox frantically screamed back, of course they had nothing to do with it!

All through the course of Over the Cliff this crashing observation keeps hitting home, how utterly stupid Fox News thinks its human being audience is, the absolutely stunning contempt of any intelligence they have for any person they broadcast to.

Yes, Bill and Fox News, George Tiller’s murderer is a homicidal nutjob, very unfortunately for us all large groups of humans produce a very predictable small number of them, every time and every place throughout history, and if one constantly broadcasts a legal doctor is a baby killer—hello?—some nutjob psycho is going to get violent.

Yes, he is a nutjob. Yes, you are extremely dangerous propagandists who think every American has no ability to think, in any form, or to perform the most elemental acts of reason. How incredibly stupid you think little people Americans are, how totally, completely wrong you are. Loyal tribal Republicans cover for you for other reasons, but everyone sees it and knows it.

How we, as Democrats of every persuasion and loyalty, react and deploy policy in the face of this sick opposition is of course the great blogtopia debate of our present time. Leaving that aside, it’s imperative for everyone to know the correct mental foundation for whatever one’s stance ultimately is cannot be reached without the complete comprehension of the truth in this book.

I’m an internet political junkie, I thought I knew what we were truly up against and I did not. The truth of this work must spread, buy it, read it, and finally act. The Gulf spill is but one of many calamities upon us, we must change. Quickly.

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