Monday :: Jun 21, 2010

Public: Obama Has No Economic Plan

by Deacon Blues

This is Exhibit A on why Obama blew his presidential term. Instead of focusing Year One on a robust stimulus and financial reform, and taking advantage of a crisis like Rahm advised, Obama went big for health care reform. Now, it's no wonder that the electorate feels he's wimped out on the economy and doesn't have a plan. He doesn't, and he can thank Larry Summers and Tim Geithner for the mess he's in.

And it's not surprising that the public wants a revised energy policy but doesn't want to pay for it. After all, we're still in a recession. Who wants to pay a carbon tax when they can't make ends meet now? That's why it was imperative to focus on the economy and jobs first, and then energy and health care second. Instead, Obama and the Chicago group around him care more about the legacy than they do about operational politics, which despite his faults is all Rahm has ever cared about. Rahm will be out after the midterms, so it will get worse the remainder of Obama's term.

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