Friday :: Jun 25, 2010

The Total Failure of Bipartisanship

by paradox

It’s become nauseatingly commonplace but the Senate cloture vote yesterday where the Republicans were 100% lockstep in even blocking a vote on the unemployment/Medicaid bill deserves further attention. Debate has raged among Democrats ever since Obama took office on whether leaving “the old tired battles of the past” to embrace the Republicans as legitimate good-faith actors will really work. We don’t have to guess anymore, the empirical negative answers are crystal clear all around us.

How amazingly confident our Republican cousins were yesterday, they brazenly thwarted majority rule in a gross political obstruction to absolutely critical economic and domestic policy. Pain, failure and American disgrace mean nothing to them, nor hypocrisy or honesty, they are mean, desperate political actors with nothing in their hands but the ability to be spoilers.

Such they have always been since at least 1992, and with their insane coupling to Rush Limbaugh political ethics and Teaparty fanaticism since they’re on a total course to political oblivion. The only thing they’ve got going for them is a disgusting servile pack of fawning jackals we so charitably describe as journalists, they couldn’t publish a graph on Senate filibusters 1990-2010 to save their slavering little souls of chickenshit. Enabling the lying while ignoring hypocrisy and the democracy emboldens our cher Republican cousins to do almost anything, they know full well our “journalists” have no memory, either, nothing they do now will ever get the attention of voters at election time.1

A very old story, yes, but it bears repeating in how much brutal confidence it gives the Republicans. When the media always enables the opposition the only way to generate political pushback is to be confrontational, of course, and what does the opposition perceive when that pushback takes the form of we’re tired of fighting from the past, we’ll work with you? Weakness.

That is not word the Republicans use when offered an olive branch in circumstances that absolutely demand a drag-out political brawl, by the way.

Another aged tale of a thousand repetitions, how weary well all are of the inviolate facts of Republican behavior. Still, the test of bipartisanship being applied is fresh and of the utmost importance the Republic. The Republicans were complete lunatic bad faith actors after years of conciliatory approach, no rational human would ever accept bipartisanship in the future will succeed after yesterday.

A President who ran his campaign on the ability to do it will, though. Another reason the Republicans have run amok, they know full well Obama won’t ever admit defeat here.

That really is the bedrock issue, not that bipartisanship has so blatantly failed but whether the evolution of acceptance among Obama and his supporters can now take place.

I desperately want President Obama to succeed, I like serving my Party manifestly more than scolding it, fear rarely enters my psychology anymore but the Republicans consistently scare me. Bipartisanship has totally failed in its attempt, does the Obama administration want to keep losing critical votes from a vicious opposition while taking the blame for not being able to accomplish anything?

I find that hard to believe, it’s so blatantly politically backwards. The constant open fight with the Republicans has to be coming, just as it always was and will be. The longer that gets put off the more hammer blows will be inflicted on the country and the Democratic Party, there is no escape.

[1] Look at this utterly ludicrous paragraph from Politico on the upcoming war-funding bill in the House: "The anti-war coalition continues to be a thorn in the side of Democratic leaders, who are trying to find a way to move a war-funding bill over liberal objections and past a Republican Party unified in its opposition to using the must-pass $33 billion measure as a source of domestic spending."

The Republicans are unified in opposition because…they are being manipulated into war funding because it’s a domestic spending bill? One guesses so.

Simply incomprehensible and insulting to the reader, grossly abusing English while enabling sneering spoilers as seen here is a sick practice inflicted upon the little people every day by these “journalist” clowns. These are alleged professionals, it’s hilarious, they really believe it themselves, no wonder the Republicans feel they can do anything

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