Monday :: Jun 28, 2010

Man You Look Awful, American Journalism

by paradox

Self-delusion, as stated many times before, is one of the most insidious and powerful human traps individuals and groups must constantly avoid all throughout life, there’s never a magical point of immunity in any human metric that abates its massive perils. One can earn six or seven figures, wear $5,000 worth of clothes every day and earn bombastic profession awards only to be hopelessly lost on a road of laughable oblivion, as our reeling print and broadcast American journalists so tragically displayed over the weekend, so classically unaware of how stupid and vapidly unprofessional they are in their reeking denial and alarmingly delusional babbling.

The first evolution of psychotic ugliness from our cher cousins boiled over a in a semi-comical spat among themselves over whether they should “burn” a source, to make the official or person they rely on for facts—get this—angry at them. Oh…my…God America surely would end if her journalists weren’t a bunch of sycophantic suckups who ceaselessly pander to power and status quo.

Glenzilla takes apart CBS’s Lara Logan for her appalling blanket defense of rancid now-fired General McChrystal, while the equally-awesome Matt Taibbi eviscerates the flabby brain of David Brooks. It’s truly amazing how smug and self-congratulatory Brooks and Logan project themselves in their hopeless unprofessionalism, their rank and putrid obsequiousness to power and officials crushing any credibility they might possess. But they look good.

Brooks of course is a very old story of disgusting lap-dog servitude to morons who have crashed us into the big ditch, but Logan was a fresh television flop and disappointment, the very little I knew of her seemed to project a career path fiercely dedicated in taking on the toughest and most dangerous stories she could find to combat the inevitable stereotype she made it solely on her stunning beauty. I never trusted her television journalism, of course not, but I did admire her fanatic tenacity and work ethic the few times I saw her on 60 minutes, it’s very sad to see the new generation of TV “journalists” as stupidly and obliviously lost as their elders.

This laughable meander of lost credibility had been instantly preceded by a really ugly story emanating with a fierce toxicity Friday from the Washington Post, where “liberal” blogger Ezra Klein’s catty and exclusive email club of, well, “journalists” spawned some perfectly normal and legitimate bitching about the wrong people: hack American journalists. The Washington Post, bastion of ugly leering and sneering American journalism, promptly fired the offender, its own David Weigel.

Which inevitably spawned some of the most outrageous justification-clucking from one Jonah Goldberg, a self-delusionary hack of incompetence if there ever was one. The gross rationalizations and total inability of self-examination were old burdens to bear, but two other elements made it particularly troubling in this fiercely commented upon tale of journalistic hackdom woe.

The Washington Post holds a special place in American journalism because of its proximity to DC power, were it a real shop American wouldn’t be half in the monstrous trouble it is now, but this constant reminder it’s just an enabler to worst of our excesses salts the wound even more for ordinary citizens. That all the trouble started from leaked email from some cowardly turd just made everyone anxious, our new internet age holds various perils for all of us and it’s truly alarming to see someone get knifed over terrible ethical email behavior that we’ve all worried about being the victim of somehow, in some dark furtive way.

Well well well, American journalism, now that you’ve chugged and slammed back the fun of searing hypocrisy, gross delusion, juvenile meanness and petty sniping all weekend, how do y’all feel? Oh really. Go ahead and pay yourself seven figures, set your own blue dress agenda and then get a laughable Pulitzer for it, you’re fooling absolutely no one except yourselves. Again. You’ve been reeling in your psychotic fairly land of totally obvious self-justification and denial since Friday, and oy, do you look terrible this morning.

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