Monday :: Jul 5, 2010

Open Thread

by Mary

The new game in town is blaming the unemployed for their dilemma. Krugman notes that some of those who have voted against extending the unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed is because of confusion, but that some who argue that policy are cynically trying worsen the economy for their own gain.

Fred Clark expresses my views about those Senators and Representatives who refuse to pass an extension well.

I'm not an economist, but we've got five applicants for every single job opening. If you tell me that the best response to that situation is to lay off hundreds of thousands of teachers, I will not accept that this means that you're smarter and more expert than I am. I will instead conclude -- regardless of your prestige or position or years of study -- that you're a moral imbecile. And knowing what I know about your inability to make moral judgments I will have no reason to trust you to make complicated macroeconomic ones.


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