Tuesday :: Jul 13, 2010

Labor Does What White House Should Be Doing

by Steve

It's a sad state of political affairs for the national Democratic Party when the political buffoons in the Obama White House run a GOP platform of deficit reduction and immigration for 2010, while Democratic governors bemoan a lack of focus on jobs by this administration. So with the White House wandering the wrong way on the wrong issues, it's left to the AFL-CIO to run the traditional Democratic platform in selected races across the country.

The net result is that public confidence in this administration's ability on economic issues hits a low point less than four months before the midterms.

Sure, Obama was left with a bag of sh*t by the Bush administration, and yes, Bush would have been a failure without 9/11. But this administration has totally failed to make a coherent and consistent economic argument since it arrived, reflecting the internal divisions between Axelrod's political team, who are paid to sell Obama as a product, and the economic team, who got us in this mess because they wimped out on the stimulus and now are scrambling to get another bite before the second dip next year.

The Obama administration: a kindler, gentler Bush 43 administration, without the political ruthlessness and effectiveness.

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